LAKEVILLE (CBS) – A 20-year-old is accused of assaulting an elderly female in his family in Lakeville.

Police caught up with Mitchell Cleary in Raynham on Saturday morning and charged him with assault and battery and assault with intent to murder.

The victim remains hospitalized due to the injuries she sustained, according to police.

Cleary is being held without bail. He is set to be arraigned on Monday in Wareham District Court.

  1. Thor's Hammer says:

    what a pitiful excuse for oxygen consumption on the planet. assault an elderly woman and put her in the hospital? what a rude awakening you have in store. spare us “he’s a troubled young man” nonsense. there is no excuse for this. this is the stuff that methods of the spanish inquisition/vikings/native peoples should be brought out for. my only feelings/thoughts are for the woman hospitalized at the hands of the punk.

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