CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Teen drivers could take online driver education courses instead of attending driving school to get their driver’s licenses in New Hampshire under a bill being considered by the Senate.

The Senate Transportation Committee is holding a hearing on the House-passed bill Thursday. The bill also requires teens under age 18 to receive a total of 60 hours of supervised behind-the-wheel training. Parents must provide 20 of the 60 hours of training in the vehicle. Parents also must complete an online course to prepare them to teach their children.

Teens who fail their written or road test and want to try again before turning 18 must complete a driving school course.

Supporters say the online course is less expensive than driving school and would enable more low-income teens to get training.

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Comments (15)
  1. Italo says:

    Is it true, or even desired, that New Hampshire is even part of the United States anymore? What are they making up there lately, moonshine?!

    1. PinkDogs814 says:

      No one in NH makes moonshine! Hicks in the South do! As for the rest of your comment people in NH don’t like to be told what to do like the rest of the pansies in the US. We like to LIVE FREE OR DIE!

  2. just me says:

    No. this is just wrong on many levels.

  3. Rod Hull says:

    I am a NH Driver Ed Teacher and this bill will create a Teen Safety and Public Safety Issue. This bill is supported and sponsored by some home school families.
    If NH RESIDENTS see my letter and you can come to the hearing before the Senate

  4. emom says:

    OK first of all , How are you even 100% sure that the student taking the test is indeed said student, Next, having the parents also teach their kids how to drive, OK some MIGHT be able to do so and teach them well, BUT what if these students parents teach them bad behaviors. Like drinking, lighting a cigarette, CHATTING ON A CELL , holding the cell with their chins, texting. things we all see adults do and look what that causes. Parents taking the same test,,, Well to be honest anyone that has any kind of violation should take a test, or go to traffic school. Although I heard its a joke for some.
    In the end having their parents teach them may not work as well as having a professional teach them.
    I understand that the cost can be expensive, But do we want every parent to teach their kids or do we want them to be taught correctly…

    As a parent I understand having a parent teach them, My dad taught me a lot, and now I am teaching my kid ,, For that matter I have been teaching the do’s & don’ts of being on the road. the things they don’t teach them in driving class… But My kid will still go to drivers ed. I have my kid watch the road, to see whats around you, to see in front and in back. Using the visor mirror as a rear view mirror and watching for things that might come from no where. He is doing good, But has a long way to go. Plus I feel 18 years old is a good age to get a license, that’s when I got mine ,, and It paid off…’
    This idea of NHs is just so wrong on so many levels.. Lets hope someone is using their brains and See’s the problems with it,

  5. Tyme2share says:

    WARNING HERE PEOPLE- everyone has busy lives.This is going to require support in NUMBERS! This is how our State works. PLEASE do your part and be there Thursday April 5th, Legistature Bldg,Concord NH,Room 306-308. 10:30 am SHARP. They will be going into session to vote once this hearing is over.Everyone here will be at stake if we allow this to pass.This will pose a danger to all-teens,parents,grandparents.Removing official driver education will be a HUGE SAFETY ISSUE! Do your part to show up and give them a REASON to vote NO on this Bill.

    1. Time2beReasonable says:

      And do you have any evidence that online drivers ed is inferior to a classroom where all students are asleep? For some reason university allow for both options.

  6. adarc says:

    Th ebest part is not only will they will untrained drivers, but they will also be UNINSURED drivers. Wish there were a law to keep them off the roads in MA

  7. Tyme2share says:

    Good point adarc- Nh will be wishing that there were a way to keep those people off of the roads as well if this goes through.In NH parents have to sign taking financial responsibility for thier 16-18 yr olds in order to get licensed. Of course these young one’s will be driving vehicles reg. to parents due to saving $$. Of course those vehicles won’t be required to have insurance untill first crash (junior will take care of that requirement soon enough).So here we’ll have it-improperly trained minors,driving uninsured cars,,and parents who couldn’t afford drivers ed,or ins being responsible to pay for damages.Hm,doesn’t add up. I hope they stay within NH-this will be a NH mess for NH to clean for sure!

    1. Bees knees says:

      It seems to me the online course isn’t the problem but that NH entire teen driver program is the problem. In MA your insurance goes up – way up – when you add a kid. If kid has own car it’s insured at his full rate which is a fortune. If he doesn’t have drivers Ed its even more $$

  8. bees knees says:

    I am not sure I’m seeing the problem. The written test should be in a supervised classroom but why not take the courses on line. My kids said the in-school courses were a joke anyway. Perhaps an online course would be better structured. Many colleges/universities have moved to online courses.

  9. 1stackmack says:

    this makes no sense what so ever.what is going no in nh lately.all the political news from nh just makes me think that nh turning crazy.

  10. Srushti D says:

    Online courses started with serious academic ones and moved on to non-credit ones like and now even have online driving tests. What next? Get married online? Get kids online? Rear them online?

    1. Todd Tamarash says:

      Wake up, man! Online drivers ed has been around for over a decade. You need to pull your head our of your ars.

  11. PinkDogs814 says:

    This seems like a good idea to me. I am 15 and I am about to take driver’s ed and I would rather take it online than at school. The driver’s ed teacher at my school doesn’t care what we do and he can’t control the class. I could probably learn more online anyway. I hope this bill passes.

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