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     I’ve got to tell ya, when I said a few days back that I’ve been watching too much television lately…….that may have been the understatement of the decade.   I’ve held my tongue (finger tips) for years about the crap the American public is called up to endure on television lately, but I’ve got to say, my inner-child (the nasty one) is about to bust out.

     I honestly don’t know where to begin, or end my disgust with what we’re subjected too, day in and day out, night after night, but it has to include the likes of American Family, any and all animation character shows, Dancing With The Stars is creeping in there and most certainly,The Big Bang Theory…perhaps the dumbest ever.    If you want to watch two guys sticking tongues down each others throat, the American family is for you, if you’re interested in watching some incredibly disjointed, out-of-their-element people, including professional athletes embarrass themselves trying to dance the Rumba, watch the DWS show.   The show is huge, Tom Bergeron is incredibly talented in his ability to hold embarrassments in check, but the sucking-up to the likes of Martina trying to dance, Sonny Bono’s daughter (?) trying to dance, and a multitude of others making fools of themselves, too numerous to mention, my Kindle serves me well.   Oh, how ’bout the new “hit” show GCB.    I still don’t believe that one……I can’t come to grips with the enormity of the insult to our intelligence and our own sense of self-respect in that one..until we also have a  GM(muslim)B….or a GJ(jewish)B show…….like that’s gonna happen.    This is disgusting.

     I’ll tell ya what, in the words of our slippery-whispering President BHO, when I calm down I’ll tell you how I really fell.  Pass it is to Vladimir. He and I are pretty tight.

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  1. ddombak says:

    Try this: there’s a little button on your remote labeled “OFF” — ok, it can be tricky, sometime it’s “ON/OFF” or just “Power.”

    Try that and let us know how you “fell.”

  2. Scott Downie says:

    Really just turn it off guy. Your suffering at your own hand. I think they call that masochism. Seek professional help.

  3. Boogle says:

    When you watch an episode of American Dad and an episode of Family Guy back to back, you have watched “American Family.”

    1. Julie the Jarhead says:

      When you watch an episode of ‘American Dad’, you have watched ‘Family Guy’.

  4. Linde says:

    Now, if ya had a reel life, you wood never be tensing up and you might never turn that TV on ever again… and then there aint no reason to be complainin or belly achin.

    You be needin someone who smiles :) when they see ya comin in the door, gets all flushy when you say how cute they look, giggles a bit before and after… well anything,…. just bout any time,.. and thinks your cute too…. some body that likes bout anything ya do or dont do and listens,… some body that be cheaper then a tv…if ya know what I mean Jelly Bean :)

  5. Julie the Jarhead says:

    Congrats. Gary … that article was one of the best examples of ‘reverse spamming’ or ‘SEO spamming’ I’ve seen in a long time. The only search terms it was missing were ‘Octomom’ and ‘Trayvon Martin’.

  6. Willow says:

    Many of today’s TV shows to some are like watching nothing but Christian TV all the time to others. Most of us have a television to enjoy entertainment, and spend a lot of money on cable to do just that. I rarely find anything worth watching and go for days without even turning the darn thing on. Yes, I know where the switch is. And Gary, I know exactly what you’re talking about.

  7. Bob says:

    Some smart guy a few years back, described TV as a “vast wasteland”…still
    true today….But gee, Gary, most modern sets have an on/off switch and a remote control…..mute button…etc…….read some good books and leave the idiot shows to……well, you know….the idiots….I can’t believe that you are being forced to watch anything…….

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