BROCKTON (CBS) – Organizers broke ground Saturday on a statue to honor Brockton-born boxing legend Rocky Marciano.

At nearly 20 feet tall and weighing 4,000 pounds, it will be the largest statue to a boxer ever commissioned.

The World Boxing Council has committed close to $250,000 to erect the statue as a gift to the champ’s hometown.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Doug Cope reports

Rocky Marciano remains the only Heavy Weight Champion to retire undefeated.

The statue will capture Marciano landing his knock-out punch against Jersey Joe Walcott in 1952.

Statue dedication is slated for September 2012.

Comments (6)
  1. Italo says:

    Interesting article and headline title for it. WBZ, what is a “Staute”? Epic.

    1. dan says:

      they got it right it correctly

  2. gramps says:

    I’ll bet the Rev’s Al & Jessie, along the the ‘whole ‘MSNBC GANG’….Will have a huge problem with this!

    The CBC will be making speeches in Congress & they’ll be hearings!

    They’ll have marches within days of the unveiling…


  3. dan says:

    what does rev al and rev jessie actually do for work? who pays for all the trips around the country going from one rally to the next to stir up controversy???
    i would like an answer to that……anybody!!!!

  4. dan says:

    the only thing i remember about jessie jackson is he hung on to martin luther kings coat tails to make a name for himself….and the so called rev sharpton he is just a bigot against white folk . and i still want to know how they get their money??????

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