BOSTON (CBS) – The Theo Epstein compensation may not be over after all.

The Boston Herald’s Michael Silverman is reporting the Red Sox do not consider the talks to be officially over after reliever Chris Carpenter, the main piece they received for Epstein, underwent elbow surgery on Thursday.

The team is weighing their options on what to do next, a team source told Silverman. This raises the thought that Boston believes Carpenter was injured when acquired in February, although he did pass physicals for both teams this spring.

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Boston received relievers Carpenter and Aaron Kurcz from the Cubs for Epstein and a player to be named later, who turned out to be Jair Bogaerts on Thursday.

Carpenter appeared in two games for the Red Sox this spring, allowing four runs in just 1.2 innings off two hits and five walks.

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Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington did not have a comment when asked if any loose ends remained on the deal. Epstein also gave a no comment when asked about it.

It took Boston nearly four months to receive what they did from the Cubs, which is far less than the Matt Garza pipe dream they entered the talks with. So even if they get the Cubs talking again, it likely won’t amount to much.


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