BOSTON (CBS) — Tom Brady has UGG boots, and Wes Welker has Depend diapers.

The Patriots’ star wide receiver may not have the same brand power as his quarterback teammate, but he at least has some good company.

Welker, alongside Clay Matthews and DeMarcus Ware, are featured in a new commercial for Depends that’s making its round on the Internet, and it’s … interesting to say the least.

The commercial features a host who convinces the players to try on the adult diapers “for charity.” After Matthews and Ware express an unwillingness to cooperate, Welker says, “For charity? Let’s do it.”

The football players then play football, presumably with diapers under their pants, though we may never truly know.

The advertisement ends, fittingly, with Welker giving the host a pat on the behind.

The most interesting part of the ad? The catch Welker makes requires a very similar adjustment to the pass as the one he had to make in the Super Bowl, which ultimately ended with a key drop in the fourth quarter.

Comments (3)
  1. Ben R from Grafton says:

    the pass in this commercial is nothing like the one welker missed in the super bowl, not even close

  2. Sarah says:

    Hey…money is money!!

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