DORCHESTER (CBS) – Police have arrested one person after a State Trooper was seriously injured when he was hit by a stolen car on the Neponset River Bridge Thursday morning.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports.

Photos: State Police Manhunt

Police received information that 25-year-old Brandon Smith could be located at the Saint Francis House, a homeless shelter on Boylston Street. Smith was interviewed by State Police and then arrested.

A second person was also interviewed by State Police but is not facing charges.

It all started when three troopers on a construction detail in the area were told a stolen rental car with Connecticut plates was stuck in traffic on the bridge around 9:30 a.m. Police said the car, a 2012 Toyota Yaris, was reported stolen from a Rhode Island airport on March 16.

yaris Trooper Hurt In Hit And Run, Police Capture Suspect In Boston

Police towed away the Yaris Thursday afternoon.

When police approached the car, which had two occupants, the driver made a u-turn and struck Trooper Scott Flaherty in the leg as he tried to stop the car.

The troopers then fired an unknown number of shots at the Yaris as it drove off, hitting the passenger side. It’s not clear yet if anyone in the car was wounded.

It was found a short time later with bullet holes in it, abandoned on Dyer Street in Dorchester. Police would not say if there was blood in the car.

“The officers feared for their lives, so they engaged the two suspects with their service weapons,” said Lt. Col. Frank Mathews.

State Police said Trooper Flaherty, 41, was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital with ankle, back, and wrist injuries and will spend the night in the hospital. While his injuries are serious, they are not c0nsidered to be life-threatening.

“Trooper Scott Flaherty has injuries to his wrist, back and ankle…but he’s in good spirits,” said Major Tom Brennan.

Witness Harvey Smart of Neponset Tire told WBZ-TV he heard five shots.

“By the time we got out front we didn’t really know what was happening. All we knew that we were converged upon by cruisers,” he said.

dyer street Trooper Hurt In Hit And Run, Police Capture Suspect In Boston

The car was found here on Dyer Street

Two homes were searched during the manhunt, but authorities would not comment on that part of the investigation.

As a precaution, Boston Public Schools put five schools  – TechBoston Academy, Fifield building, Mildred Ave, Boston Adult Technical Academy, and Boston International/Newcomers Academy – into safe mode, which means no one was allowed to enter or exit the schools. The safe mode was lifted after less than an hour.

The manhunt also made a mess of traffic in the area.

On the Southeast Expressway southbound, the ramp to exit 12 was closed.

WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields contributed to this report.

Comments (13)
  1. Rob Cleary says:

    Some manhunt. All the cops in the picture are doing what they do second best. Standing around. Sleeping upright in a crown vic is really what they do best.

    1. Bay Stater says:

      Sounds like somebody is sour with the police. Maybe because they have a record?

      Question: If an armed intruder broke into your house would you call police or just fight him off yourself?

  2. pt says:

    Saw the chase this morning in Quincy. The cops were all over this guy in high-speed chase fashion. Whatever this guy was up to, he really wanted to get away and blasted thru several intersections, on the wrong side of the road and facing oncoming traffic when he had to. From what I saw the cops did a great job in trying to catch him without getting any innocent bystanders hurt

  3. Anonymous says:

    Some cops need to be prosecuted. You don’t fire at a guy in a car with hundreds of innocent bystanders around when there is no significant threat to the public posed by the criminal. Get a grip.

  4. PM says:

    PT…I couldn’t agree with you more! This didn’t start near Neponset. This guy flew past me at top speed this morning about 9:20 on McGrath Highway with the local police in chase. It’s surprising no one else was hurt, considering he made it all the way to the Neponset Bridge where the officer was hit.

  5. Rob Cleary says:

    It’s time to disarm the State Police. Their recklessness with firearms is legendary and their inability to follow even basic safety procedures is appalling. They are traffic cops, If the Wannabe directing traffic in Neponset Circle had not tried to be something he is not The Boston Police would have had him in custody before he got to Fields Corner.
    They should all be re assigned to the beaches to monitor the seagulls and leave the police work to trained Pro’s.

  6. Rob Cleary says:

    “Witness Harvey Smart of Neponset Tire told WBZ-TV he heard five shots.”

    Great accurate reporting here! Why would I believe anything in this whole article?

    The business has been Brilliant Tire for over forty years. Harvey’s last name is Brilliant. This “reporter”, not so Brilliant.

  7. TK says:

    “Anonymous”.. I guess an injured officer near “hundreds of innocent bystanders” should not be considered a significant threat. They should have waited until these fine citizens were traveling again at a high speed through a few more innocent bystanders.

  8. Rob Cleary says:

    There has never been a chase that wasn’t escalated because of poorly trained, poorly supervised Law “Enforcement” officers. The neighbors were put in jeopardy by the actions of reckless troopers and their egos. The Boston Police routinely let these folks get away rather that endanger the public. They know they will turn up. They almost always do.

    Even mumbles said that stealing cars is not a major offence.

  9. redsoxnationNOMORE says:

    Sounds like the people on here who hate the police are child molesters who have been arrested by the police in the past…so I guess I can see why you do not like the police since you been arrested by them

    1. Rob Cleary says:

      You know not of what you speak. Nothing here about hating cops. Just concerns about their training, protocols and leadership. Never mind some serious errors in judgement.

  10. Old Poor Richard says:

    The fact that a cop was hit by the car is clearly assault on an officer, assault with a deadly weapon. But shooting at a car that is driving away from you is PSYCHO. Any person who fires a gun at a fleeing vehicle is mentally unbalanced and who should be banned for life from touching firearms.

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