BOSTON (CBS) – Kevin Garnett may be 35-years-old with 16-plus NBA seasons under his belt, but whatever you do, don’t call the Boston Celtics center old.

“I’m motivated. I hear y’all calling me old; I hear y’all calling me older, weathered. I’m motivated. It don’t take much to motivate me, man,” Garnett said after Boston’s 94-82 win over the Jazz Wednesday night. “I’m older in basketball years, but in life, I’m 30-something. I think some of y’all — I’m looking at your gray hair, no hair, hat hair, beautiful hair, wet hair… no comment. I’m just motivated.”

Kevin Garnett: 

Garnett had another stellar game on the court, scoring a team-high 23 points to go with 10 rebounds against Utah, his second straight 20 point game and third in the last five games. He has played inspired basketball since his move to center last month, but again, it doesn’t take all that much to get Garnett going.

“I don’t watch too many of you guys’ interviews. It’s garbage. But the ones I do catch, it’s just an opinion,” said KG. “It’s what it is. It puts a spark under me and I like that. Playing against younger talent that’s supposed to be prolific and supposed to be above average — but I’m old, though. You know? Again, for the third time, it doesn’t take much to motivate me. That’s what it is. That’s what you see.”

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“Kevin’s been amazing,” coach Doc Rivers said after the win. “I was joking, but it’s true. If you had an All-Star vote at the center spot in the league right now, he’d be right up there because that’s what he has been since the break. He’s been a five and he’s been terrific. But don’t tell him that!”

With Wednesday night’s win, the Celtics are now 13-5 since the All Star break, the third best record in the NBA in that stretch. They are currently tied with the Philadelphia 76ers for the division lead in the Atlantic, although Philadelphia owns the tie-breaker.

Comments (7)
  1. craig says:

    LOL, I wish he was more motivated in game 7 in 2010 vs. LA, where Gasol outrebounded him 18-3 and he had one rebound and one basket in the entire second half. Or the 1-10 he put up vs. the Heat in game 4 last year when Rondo was playing with one arm was some solid motivation. He is also ranked 124th in offensive rebounding and is 1-5 in his last 6 playoff games…That is pretty solid for the second highest paid NBA player in the history of the league….

  2. Nora says:

    Craig, ei8ther way he will always be better then losers fans like you

    1. craig says:

      Nora, do you have a pink hat?

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