BOSTON (CBS) – Every so often, food gets dropped off at 98.5 The Sports Hub for Toucher & Rich and a few times Adolfo has taken it upon himself to eat it without telling anyone.

“I remember when Fred and I were doing an endorsement for Dunkin’ Donuts. The people from Dunkin Donuts came by and dropped off a box of bagel twists for us to try before we talked about them on air,” recalled Rich. “Fred and I had no idea they were delivered to the station, because they were taken by one Adolfo Gonzalez and eaten before us even being told. That seems to be a theme; anytime there is any kind of food lying around the station; Adolfo finds a way of getting it.”

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Other times he eats food left for everyone and, sometimes, takes more than his fair share. So T&R decided to play a little game with Adolfo over the course of a couple of days.

They put random snacks around the station to see if Adolfo would indeed take them and eat them.

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Did he eat a candy bar left on the floor? What about a slice of pizza in the jock lounge? Did he go for a bag of chips left in the bathroom?


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