By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Did you win the $363 million Mega Millions lottery jackpot last night?

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

No, me neither.

I don’t even bother to play unless the jackpot is over $200 million or so, but I admit, it can be kind of fun to drop a buck on a ticket and let yourself dream, even if the odds are one-in-176 million.

So, what would your game plan be if you had won the dough?

I’m always amazed by the people who do hit it big who say no, they won’t quit their job on the loading dock because they’d miss the gang at the office, but I think I understand it.

I do like my co-workers and my work, and would probably continue to do it, if my employers were game to go along with a few…  modifications.

Don’t expect to see me when the daytime high temperature rises above 60 or drops below 40.

No more shifts that conflict with important playoff games or must-see jazz concerts.

And the final week of the year?

Sorry, if I win the jackpot, I’ve filed my last year-in-review commentary.

I would want to use my windfall to see the world, especially Italy, which strikes me as the best place in the world to be at any given time, after Boston, of course.

And I’d want to take care of family and needy friends.

But other than that, I can’t see splurging on material things.

I don’t envy anyone else’s car, house, or toys.

OK, maybe some better golf clubs, but that’s it.

But once all of my personal business is settled, I’d want to use the jackpot to do some good for the world.

Scholarships for bright kids who otherwise wouldn’t get a shot at top-shelf education seems like a good idea.

Endowment funding for some innovative schools.

Donations to groups that help those among us who need it through no fault of their own but can’t get it from government.

And the occasional anonymous check to someone I see in the paper who needs an angel.

Yes, I could have a lot of fun with $363 million, and do a lot of good.

Whoever wins Friday’s $476 million drawing, give me a call; maybe we can make beautiful music together.

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Comments (26)
  1. emom says:

    I have had this conversation with my so many times, I have this list of what I would do If I should be lucky to win some money,,,,,, first all bills get paid in full, pay of any loans, put a down payment on a house, help my family out, put money away for a rainy day,,, You never know when that rainy day might just come up, INVEST INVEST INVEST, especially for the children,,, charity, especially those near and dear to you . take a trip, to a place you always wanted to go to. sit back and RELAX, relax for the first time in life and enjoy the wonderful things in it. see whats right in front of you , don’t take life for granted and don’t take thing for granted, life is far to short sometimes to be self absorbed and not embracing it will only blind you in the end…… I would take a portion of that winnings,, I could never use it all,,,, but I could do plenty I guess, I would just want to live comfortable and simple… Who needs tons of cars and toys and a huge mansion,,,,,,, give me a small cottage by the lake I will be really good,

  2. KathyD says:

    All of the above. Plus I’d consider buying out John Henry and firing half the team.

  3. Willow says:

    I’m not sure what I would do. I live a very simple, but happy life, and don’t like to travel. I would take care of my family, and some close friends, and perhaps donate to several charities. Since I have a disability, I would build a one level house to be comfortable in, perhaps with a pool. I don’t want much in life, just to be comfortable.

  4. tsal-kv says:

    Fun topic!!!!!

    I’d meet with a financial consultant. I would want children and nieces and nephews to have some form of financial security set up for them. I would look to charities that are little known as well as some larger ones that I support. I’d invest and try to keep the remainder intact. I would not quit my job – I love my job – but I’d also make some changes My husband would stop working – I don’t even have to guess at that. We’d buy a house on the beach that we go to every summer – not huge but large enough to have space for our growing family to visit. And I’d buy my granddaughter her first pony :)

    And travel. My husband grew up all over the world (his father worked internationally for a US company) but the two places where he has the fondest memories are Sweden where he lived from the age of 2-8 and Rome (Italy) where he lived in his teens and through high school and his parents remained for 25 years until retirement. Those trips would be for my husband and for him to take his kids and grandkids (and me of course). For me, I’d love to have a small RV and we would drive across country and into Canada. And both of us would like to see Scotland.

    Now I’m going out to buy a bunch of tickets :)

    1. Willow says:

      Your dream sounds like such fun. Buy that ticket!!

    2. gramps says:

      Have faith, buy a quick pic & ‘leave now’!


      1. tsal-kv says:

        why gramps – I would of course make sure to take you with us!

      2. gramps says:

        I’m too old to have a ‘Menage a’ Anything’!


      3. tsal-kv says:


  5. JohnC says:

    I’d make significant contributions to two local arts groups, to a museum that I like in Central New York state, and to the BU School of Medicine. I’d like to travel a bit – I like Italy too (maybe you would like to come along,Jon). And one more thing – I’d fly first class! No more being sardined into the steerage part of the cattlecar with wings. Yay!

    1. tsal-kv says:

      Hey, JohnC – I’m not invited? I can promise a very good guide :) The definition of true love – my husband flew standby free when younger (his sister is a flight attendant). He was bumped up to first class when we went to Rome. I of course was in coach. He gave up his first class seat to the person beside me so we could sit together!

  6. Rob Cleary says:

    The republican party would get one hundred million right off of the top so that they can immediately start to repair the damage done by the Obama administration.

    1. CommonSense says:

      I would use my money to get you thrown in jail forever.

  7. foamy says:

    This is a fun topic indeed, and something I think about when the jackpot gets big enough. The obvious things are financial security for my entire family, donating a hefty portion to charity and the church I grew up in, and buy myself a toy or two (I come from a large family and grew up on hand-me-downs and had a gift-less Christmas or two). Things I’d love to do? How about buy a seat on Richard Branson’s space ship? Pay James Cameron for a ride down to see the Titanic? Ahhh…it is fun to dream….but I won’t buy any more than the usual 5 quick-picks. Good luck to everyone!

  8. Josef says:

    I would pay to put Fetch with Ruff Ruffman back on the air…

  9. Matt says:

    I would donate to the George Zimmerman defense fund.

  10. LAURA sinko says:

    buy myself health care since i sued sbe med trans in boston, i LOST ALL MY MEDICAL CARE N BECAUSE I M ALREADY WHEELCHAIR BOUND W/C BOUND PEOPLE IN BOSTON DO NOT MATTER…….

  11. PegBundy says:

    Pay off the credit card, pay off the student loan, buy a home and a new car, get my mom situated from now until she passes, donate to causes that protect animals, travel and save the rest for later.

  12. LAURA sinko says:

    and also buy a new wheelchair

  13. FireGuyFrank says:

    I’d buy affordable health insurance for the WHOLE USA.

    Oh, wait. That’s been done.

  14. justme says:

    Beer and hookers. Lots of both.

  15. Katie says:

    I’d take care of my friends and family, new house for my mom and the like. But for me I’d get first class tickets to Vegas for my friends and I. Live in utter luxury at Caesar’s for a month. Then come back to reality and do some good with that money.

  16. Big Sis says:

    I’d buy and RV and REALLY see this big beautiful country of ours with my husband. We’d buy or build a cottage on a lake, pay off our debts and live comfortably, but not “large”. I’d probably still work part time (I think I’d get bored).

    I’d love to have my husband do the things he would like to do and not have to commute to Boston everyday.

    Lastly, I would make sure that my adult autistic brother was well cared for – for the rest of his life – by hand-picked staff who were educated in the field and I’d build him a beautiful house taylor made for him!

  17. 1stackmack says:

    first l’d buy a decent sized l’d fill the warehouse with toys from the barret jackson auction next week in florida.l’m talkin collector cars baby.everything from big blocks to fifties fins.l alway wanted to learn to fly helicopters,and own a nice jet ranger.invest in property.everyone knows the housing markets tanked now but it should turn low sell higher. more later soups on..

  18. 1stackmack says:

    l actually had 3 out of the 5 numbers last night.can’t get much for $7.lf l won,l’d also have the chrome shop mafia boys in joplin trick me out a new mack pinnacle axle forward,with custom coach grafted on to the back for a unique rv.after its finished l’d travel around the country again.or maybe open some candlepin bowling alleys in florida for the retirees.

  19. Rob Cleary says:

    I would offer one million dollars to the person that produced Obysmals original birth certificate. You Know, the one from Kenya.

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