Keller @ Large: What I Would Do If I Won Mega Millions

BOSTON (CBS) – Did you win the $363 million Mega Millions lottery jackpot last night?

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

No, me neither.

I don’t even bother to play unless the jackpot is over $200 million or so, but I admit, it can be kind of fun to drop a buck on a ticket and let yourself dream, even if the odds are one-in-176 million.

So, what would your game plan be if you had won the dough?

I’m always amazed by the people who do hit it big who say no, they won’t quit their job on the loading dock because they’d miss the gang at the office, but I think I understand it.

I do like my co-workers and my work, and would probably continue to do it, if my employers were game to go along with a few…  modifications.

Don’t expect to see me when the daytime high temperature rises above 60 or drops below 40.

No more shifts that conflict with important playoff games or must-see jazz concerts.

And the final week of the year?

Sorry, if I win the jackpot, I’ve filed my last year-in-review commentary.

I would want to use my windfall to see the world, especially Italy, which strikes me as the best place in the world to be at any given time, after Boston, of course.

And I’d want to take care of family and needy friends.

But other than that, I can’t see splurging on material things.

I don’t envy anyone else’s car, house, or toys.

OK, maybe some better golf clubs, but that’s it.

But once all of my personal business is settled, I’d want to use the jackpot to do some good for the world.

Scholarships for bright kids who otherwise wouldn’t get a shot at top-shelf education seems like a good idea.

Endowment funding for some innovative schools.

Donations to groups that help those among us who need it through no fault of their own but can’t get it from government.

And the occasional anonymous check to someone I see in the paper who needs an angel.

Yes, I could have a lot of fun with $363 million, and do a lot of good.

Whoever wins Friday’s $476 million drawing, give me a call; maybe we can make beautiful music together.

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