WEYMOUTH (CBS) – Pesky bed bugs have been discovered in a public housing building in Weymouth, but officials said they have the issue under control.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Doug Cope reports.

Bed bugs have been a problem at the Pope Towers housing complex in Weymouth.

“There’s somebody on the second floor…in a wheelchair. They’ve been spraying her, third time yesterday,” said one resident. “When she woke up this morning, she had them crawling on her bed and on her pillows.”

That resident, who wanted to remain unnamed, said it has been a perennial problem.

“They’re on all the floors when you’re walking here. My family’s afraid to come in,” said the resident. “My mom has not been in this building in three months.”

Professional exterminators have been brought in.

Housing Authority Executive Director Michael Flaherty said officials have implemented a costly, long-term treatment plan.

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  1. Guest says:

    I have read about major bed bug problems in NY and one complex used an exterminator who got everyone out of the building and used excessive high heat to get rid of the bed bugs and that seemed like the only way to get rid of them for good. Otherwise it’s almost impossible to get rid of these awful critters. They live behind walls and come out of electrical outlets, they live at the seams of mattress and box springs. They are nasty things. I feel for everyone in that building cause if the exterminator don’t do it right they will stay.

  2. Annie says:

    Bull! This problem existed in my grandmothers old home up on Calnan Circle in Weymouth over 1 year ago and they pretty much left it up to my family to get rid of my grandmothers belongings…chancing that one us may bring them into our homes and expose our children. They were well aware of bed bug problems believe to have started in their Lake Street project buildings.The problem then escalated to my grandmothers house near Calnan Circle in Weymouth. I would like to know if this tenant at the other establishment has been exposed to either one of the Weymouth Housings establishments.

    Thank you,
    A very concerned —-ex Weymouth resident

  3. one who knows better says:

    same scum that lived at calnan circle lived at lake street in fact it was same family. thats how it was spread from one project to another

  4. Janet says:

    If you google diatomaceous earth food strength—you will find a natural–inexpensive way to eliminate your bug problem!!

  5. Gayle D says:

    Pope towers is and has been one of the most disgusting kept places I have ever encountered..Weymouth housing should be ashamed of themselves..The interior and exterior are filthy..Sixty apartments and if your lucky 20 parking spaces,Most of the time the trash in the one small dumpster they have is overflowing.The entranceway flooring is old and dirty along with all the hallways, The shoveling and the removal of snow and ice during wnter is horendous.I have nothing posative to say about such a dump…

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