BOSTON (CBS) – Sometimes, there are some nice treats waiting for the 98.5 The Sports Hub crew.

Sometimes, not everyone is able to enjoy those nice treats though.

Take Tony Massarotti on Tuesday for example. With a nice cake sitting in the Hub’s lunch room, he witnessed Scott Zolak chosing to treat it as more of a snack buffet, rather than cutting himself a piece.

Mazz took exception to it.

“He started eating the cake, and put his fork right back in it. It’s like George Costanza ‘double dipping’ the chip,” said a flustered Mazz. “He sat there and ate the cake without cutting a piece, put the fork back, and left. Do you believe these guys? Disgusting. They’re animals I tell you.”

Tony Mazz On Zo’s Cake Etiquette 

“The two most disgusting people on the planet,” he called Gresh & Zo.

“There are very few things funnier than Tony Mazz yelling down the hall at Zo for not cutting off a piece of cake and putting his germs all over it,” said Gresh.

“I did it on purpose; it’s a test,” said Zo. “I just did it to tick Tony off.”

“It’s been there for three hours,” Zo added, saying he wouldn’t have done it if Tony wasn’t there.

Just another day at 98.5 The Sports Hub….


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