Police Seize Illegal Monkey From Lowell Home

LOWELL (CBS) – A four-month-old marmoset named Nene is being deported because he was in Massachusetts illegally.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Laurie Kirby reports.

Massachusetts bans owning exotic animals. The law even extends to some zoos.

Major Wilton Gray of the Massachusetts Environmental Police said the owner wasn’t aware of the state law, but went out of his way to buy himself a pet monkey. That owner will not be charged.

Police said the owner legally purchased the exotic creature in Florida.

“My understanding is they go for anywhere between $2- and 3,000 apiece,” said Gray.

Nene is heading back to Florida where it is legal to own him as a pet.

  • gramps

    Nene is a ‘NO-NO’, & must go-go, quickly B/4 he get’s a ‘green card’!


  • Willow

    Now if they can only be that quick to enforce the law on people who don’t belong in the country.

  • John A

    Teach the little guy to drive, get him a job in a package store, get him knee walking on an exoctic potion of rum and banana liquer and if he’s lucky enough to blow a 0.17 if he gets stopped: He’s good to stick around for at least a year if he behaves. Of course he would have to walk or take a cab for 45 days or so. Don’t sweat the “illegal” thing, Nene… It’s worked in the past, fairly recently as a matter of fact.

    • Rob Cleary

      Spot On!

  • moterhed

    When people are going to see these animals dont ask to be here. and the very people who smuggle these animals need to be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law. Second if there was never a market for the “must have” new thing, wildlife animal mortality in transit from smuggling would end . The sad fact these animals and how they get here is often cruel ..I am not a primate fan but its still sickens me to hear this still gos on ..these animals dont ask to be captive.

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