BROOKLINE (CBS) – A driver was arrested early Tuesday morning after police say he led them on a chase down Route 9 through several towns before hitting two police cruisers.

Police say 39-year-old Ender Durgut refused to pull over for police in Natick around 2:30 a.m. for motor vehicle violations and began a pursuit that stretched all the way to Brookline.

At one point, officers threw down stop-sticks and blew out his tires near Eliot Street in Newton, but Durgut continued eastbound on four flats.

He crashed into a State Police cruiser and then sideswiped a Brookline Police cruiser before finally stopping in Brookline around 3 a.m.

A Brookline officer suffered cuts to his hand while helping pull Durgut out of his SUV.

Durgut was arrested and then taken to  Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, where he was treated for injuries to his face.

He’s charged with negligent operation, failure to stop, leaving the scene of a crash, and other motor vehicle violations.

Comments (5)
  1. Buddy says:

    Yup, More smart over the road pursuits endangerig civilians again and again. At what point does a cop not have to be a hero? Luckily no innocent bystander was killed.

    Sure the suspect is a complete imbecile. Public safety is what these cops are suppose to adhere to yet they would rather be involved in a high speed pursuit. Stupid is as stupid does is all I have to say!

    1. sullyinma says:

      It’s quite obvious that you don’t have a clue. Now go back to sleep.

      1. jaygee says:

        Hey Buddy, it’s 2:30 a.m. and there aren’t many innocents out at that time but I have one question. If you were a cop and saw someone driving like a lunatic at that time of night, would you just let him go? I’m sure that this guy’s lawyer will say that Ender doesn’t speak English and really didn’t know what all of the sirens & flashing blue lights meant. I will also wager that he has watched Borat 50 times.

  2. buddyisa dummy says:

    Yeah, there must have been cars/people everywhere at 2:30 a.m. They should just let these people go.

  3. Niko says:

    Really Buddy?! It was 0230, honestly how many people are on the road then? Also no one runs from the cops to avoid a $50 speeding ticket, they run because they have something illegal in their car or a warrant or something. Also you don’t know if there are any aggravating factors that led to the decision to pursue. Please tell me, how much law enforcement experience you have that qualifies you to second guess the officers’ decisions?

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