Felger and Massarotti opened the day talking about the Boston Red Sox, Bobby Valentine and roster decision-making.

Today the Red Sox decided to send shortstop Jose Iglesias down to Pawtucket to start the season. Is this a smart move? As a big market team, should the Red Sox have something better at shortstop than Mike Aviles?

Did Bobby Valentine’s thoughts on Iglesias change since the beginning of the Spring?

In other news, it was said today that Daniel Bard will be in the starting rotation. Did Valentine lose again in decision-making? Does Valentine have a chance of lasting more than two years in Boston?

Comments (2)
  1. Matt says:

    I would hope that it was constructive decision and not a power struggle that the media is blowing up!! I think its nuts and they are in this thing together!! And it sound like its a vote which includes the owners…. So you guys are lazy and morons !!!! HA

  2. Ed from Maine says:

    Aviles/Iglesias….a 50 point difference in batting average is equal to one extra hit every 20 at bats. 75 points is equal to one more hit every 13 at bats. Divide 1000 by the percentage points. Raise your BA 50 points by getting one more hit every 5 games (20 at bats).

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