BOSTON (CBS) – A Brockton man has been charged with driving so drunk he was nearly five times above the legal limit.

Thirty-two-year-old Dammon McLaren was pulled over early Sunday morning in Providence after Rhode Island State Troopers said they noticed he was driving erratically.

When they tried to speak with him, they claimed he was “extremely unsteady on his feet and had the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath.”

Troopers also said his speech was “highly slurred and his eyes were extremely watery and bloodshot.”

McLaren was taken to a barracks where he took a breathalyzer and blew a high of .384, according to police.

Rhode Island’s legal limit is .08.

“(As) a rule, a loss of consciousness begins at around a BAC of .30 and the onset of coma and possible death due to respiratory arrest begins at around a BAC of .40,” police said in a statement.

McLaren was charged with driving under the influence, lane violations and driving with an expired registration.

Comments (5)
  1. gramps says:

    Not for a ‘Irish’ fella!


  2. Vera Carroll says:

    Should have given him a few more drinks at the barracks so he ended up dead – useless POS on the road risking the lives of others.

    1. scott says:

      oh i see we got a moral mary on here

  3. scott says:

    What is most impressive is that he was conscious enough to even put his keys in the ignition and step on the pedal. .04 is like possble death and this dude is driving at a .38. B-r-a-v-o

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