Toucher & Rich were on vacation last week when the news broke that the New York Jets had acquired Tim Tebow from the Denver Broncos.

Fred has been a Jets fan for as long as he can remember, but after this move, he swears that he’s giving up on the organization.

First, the Jets first tried to sign Peyton Manning after he was released by the Colts, but when that fell through they went and extended Mark Sanchez. They said that Sanchez was their guy, but then they went out and grabbed Tebow for a fourth-round pick?!?!

Fred believes that with all the holes on that Jets team, signing Tebow was very unnecessary.

Hear his epic rant, as he denounces his Jets fandom!

  1. Bob Clougherty says:

    I am a Jet fan and have been for a long time and I am done too. This team is a joke fromn ownership all the way down to most of the players. Right now the Jets are the laughing stock of the league and nothing is going to change for a lomg time. they are a joke

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