By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Growing up in a racially-mixed neighborhood in Cambridge, I saw it with my own eyes – law-abiding black people harassed by everything from unwarranted stops by police to violent confrontation simply because of their skin color.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

It’s an unconscionable problem that lingers on – just ask any black person, and chances are they’ll have horror stories to tell.

And if it has people on edge to the point where they’re ready to arrest the neighborhood watch guy down in Florida who killed unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin and charge him with a hate crime before the facts of what happened have been established, that’s understandable.

But that doesn’t make it right.

Al Sharpton, who’s been leading the clamor to prematurely lable this a racial hate crime, says: “Any time you have a pattern of engagement based on someone’s having a particular group in mind, that qualifies for hate crime inquiry,” and I agree with Sharpton on that.

But his conclusion is still premature.

George Zimmerman’s family and friends, people of color among them, insist he’s not a racist.

The housing complex he was unofficially patrolling had been hit by burglaries involving black males.

He says he was attacked by the teen, and that claim has yet to be debunked.

We need the facts, and while it’s pathetic that the local police commanded such little confidence, with state and federal investigators now on the job under intense public scrutiny, I’m sure we’ll get them.

In the meantime, fact-free clamor that assumes the man’s guilt is lynch-mob profiling comparable to what Zimmerman is informally accused of doing.

To see an unarmed kid shot to death is repulsive; if it was a racial hate crime, put me down for no mercy.

But let’s get the facts straight and act on the truth, not our reflexive outrage.

Otherwise, we’re no better than what we’re so outraged about.

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  1. massman says:

    I would normally agree with this type of article. People jump to conclusions all the time. Look at the Casey Anthony trial. This case is completely different though. We’ve all heard the 911 reports. We all know the story. I’m not really sure which facts we’re waiting for? Zimmerman admits to shooting Trayvon Martin. Whether or not Zimmerman is a racist or not at this point, has little bearing. He’s still a murderer.

    1. Titainiumman says:

      The 44, 911 reports were over an 11 year period according to officials,A witness backs up Zimmermans story,
      Why is it that all the pictures you see of trayvon are when he was about 12 years old?This guy was over six feet tall and a football player when he wasn’t serving suspensions from school.
      This is another case of the media and blacks trying to elevate a thug to sainthood.
      Once again our president along with Jessie Jackson and Reverend Al end up with egg on their faced for not waiting for the facts to come out.

      1. petem says:

        You racist piece of trash! What evidence do you have that Trayvon was a thug? What? Even if he had caused trouble at school, and i haven’t found that story yet, how does that justify the taking of his life?
        The 911 calls massman was referring to are the many calls made the night of the shooting. Did you not hear the police dispatcher tell Zimmerman that ‘we don’t need you doing that’ when he told them he was following Trayvon?
        What evidence do you have? None, that’s what you have

      2. Cavalryman says:

        @petem – FYI Cap’n, the ‘racist’ moniker you so cavalierly use has lost steam. We know you use it just to belittle anything regular people say in favor of your race baiting.

    2. KennyG says:

      The jury would still be out on whether he was a murderer. Killer yes. We do know he killed the other man. However we dont know if he is a murderer yet. So far it doesnt look like it was premeditated.

    3. Angus says:

      Martin was the agressor. Period

      He assaulted Zimmerman, broke his nose and smashed his head against the curb. And these are the facts. No matter how much liberals want to make this about race. It is not. And by the way, Zimmerman is a registered Democrat.

  2. tsal-kv says:

    I don’t know what conclusions anyone is jumping to when they simply want to see Zimmerman arrested. When did it ever become all right for one person to shoot another and not be put in jail?

    What we do know is that there is a stand your ground law in FL – no matter how idiotic it is – it exists. However, the person who proposed the law and supported it said it does not allow for a person to follow and confront someone. It’s that simple. Zimmerman followed a young boy. Zimmerman was told by the police to stand down. In this day and age what person (young or old) would not feel threatened when someone was following him. Even if Trayvon turned to Zimmerman and attacked him, it is Trayvon who is innocent under the stand your ground law NOT Zimmerman.

    Whether it was racially motivated, is secondary to the fact that Zimmerman used a gun to kill a boy armed with skittles. I have yet to hear anyone say any more than he should be arrested.

    1. foamy says:

      It’s alright, and perfectly legal in most states (not this one, of course) to shoot an intruder who breaks into your house. Otherwise, and I think for the first time, I agree with everything you said.

      1. Steve says:

        Wrong foamy…. the State of Massachusetts has a right of domain (aka, a castle clause) which allows you to use a gun to defend yourself, your home, or your family provided that you are a licensed gun holder and have obtained the weapon legally. Many think you it is in the law that you must make an attempt to flee first, wrong. You do not need to make an attempt to flee if you are in your own home or on your own property. If you are a gun owner you should know this… if your not a gun owner then read up on the laws before posting about them.

      2. Steve says:

        Just to add one more thing, it IS againt the law to shoot someone fleeing. This is because they are not concidered a threat any longer. Even if they came into your house, killed your spouse and took off running, LEGALLY, you can’t shoot them because they are fleeing and are no longer a threat.

      3. foamy says:

        Ok Steve, perhaps I was a little hasty in my comment. In Massachusetts, the Castle Doctrine can currently be used as a defense at trial, which means he/she can (and likely would) be arrested for shooting an intruder in their home. SB661, introduced by Sen. Stephen Brewer, would enhance the law to eliminate the “defense” aspect of it – in other words, you could not be arrested or prosecuted for using deadly force in your own “castle”. It would also strip the rights of the intruder for suing for damages inflicted on them for breaking into your house – much like the way it already is in Texas for example. That’s what I meant to say. Thanks for correcting me.

    2. Angus says:

      Please explain how Martin, who assaulted Zimmerman becomes the victim? It was Martin on top of Zimmerman smashing his head into the curb after he broke his nose. Is Zimmerman suppose to “roll over” and let himself killed instead?

  3. mar says:

    I thought in your country one was considered innocent until proven guilty I guess that has changed since mr. obama has become your Dear leader ,wow it seems the U.S. we use to know is no more . God help you all . prepare to have your papers in order ..the 2nd World war never ended it just move to the U.S. and waited for obama.

    1. tsal-kv says:

      mar – nice try except lacking in real knowledge. In the United States of America being in jail does NOT equal being guilty. Only after a trial are you considered either guilty or innocent. Since you call this “our” country and not yours, the fact that you are afraid of Obama is great news!

    2. Sharrhan says:

      Your racism and ignorance is embarassingly on display.

      1. Cavalryman says:

        @Sharrhan – FYI Cap’n, the ‘racist’ moniker you so cavalierly use has lost steam. We know you use it just to belittle anything regular people say in favor of your race baiting.

  4. ccb says:

    And we want this sort of law here in Massachusetts?

    1. Matt says:

      Yes. If you give me the ability to protect myself and my property then you do not get the ability to question the manner in which I do it.

      1. Steve says:

        Amen Matt. People have a problem with guns because they only hear about the bad things that happen, or should I say they choose to focus only on the bad news regarding guns. They don’t want to think about all the news stories of people stopping a home invasion, attack, etc because they carried a gun. People love freedom, but they tend to forget what freedom is. Freedom isn’t allowances with restrictions, freedom is freedom, when you start putting restrictions on it, it stops being freedom and starts being privilege. I have the RIGHT and FREEDOM to protect my self, my family, and my house not the PRIVILEGE.

  5. Stephen Stein says:

    I definitely agree with Jon’s points here, but there’s one point h missed: WITHOUT all this clamoring, NO investigation would have been taking place. This killing took place ONE MONTH ago today, and the fact-finding is just getting started? That’s disturbing.

    1. KennyG says:

      It was already investigated by the police. Nothing came of it. The cops decided it was a Stand Your Ground ruing. Why are you acting like no investigation took place a month ago?

      1. Stephen Stein says:

        Because the initial investigation was woefully inadequate, as we are just now finding out.

      2. Angus says:

        And where was the liberal outcry when a 13 year old white kide was set on fire by two black teens in Kansas because he was white? I am so sick of the liberal race war.

  6. Matt says:

    Let’s also not forget that he was on suspension from school at the time for assaulting his bus driver. So maybe when Zimmerman says that he was being hit by this guy self defence was needed at the time. Or the other pictures of Trayvon from his Facebook page of him sticking his middle finger up at the camera and looking like a punk. I am not saying his killing was justified but I am not willing to say that Trayvon is innocent either.

    1. Stephen Stein says:

      Should it be legal to arm yourself, pick out a victim, follow them, initiate a confrontation, goad someone into attacking you, then shoot them dead and claim self-defense?

      1. Matt says:

        No. And that is not what happend here.

      2. Stephen Stein says:

        And you know this how? (Note – I’m not saying that this IS what happened here, but I see no information ruling this scenario out.)

      3. Rob Cleary says:

        How about the beating Zimmerman was put through before he was able to neutralize the perp and most likely save his own life?

      4. Stephen Stein says:

        @Rob – what about it? This seems like it fits with my hypothetical scenario. Does Trayvon Martin have a right to stand his ground when accosted by a strange adult?

    2. gramps says:

      Symbolism & ‘REALITY’….

      Take a moment & visualize two ‘silhouette’s’, of hooded people, side by side……

      Which one is depicting a person wearing a ‘Hoody’ & which is the hood of the ‘KKK’?

      Each one garners the same emotions of ‘fear, fright, apprehension, anxiety, alarm & in some cases, terror’!


      If you get a chance, talk to a convince store clerk & ask them about what feelings they might have when one, two or more lads/gals enter the store in ‘Hoodies’…..?

      1. tsal-kv says:

        ahhhhh – so we shoot anyone wearing a hoodie. Guess the one I was wearing this morning should be tossed away. You see I wear a sweatshirt with a hood whenever there is “weather” since I hate jackets and don’t want to carry an umbrella. Exactly what Treyvon was doing. Guess I need to go to plan B since this 62 year old grandmother of three is clearly terrifying the neighborhood.

        No one is saying Zimmerman is guilty – or at no one with an ounce of common sense. It’s a good idea to keep the comment Stephen made at 9:30 – it says it all.

      2. The Owl says:

        Tsal in a hoodie!!!

        Where is stereotyping when we really need it.

        We should all be terrified of her.

      3. Kvtsal says:

        Hahahahaha. You mean you weren’t :).

      4. gramps says:

        tsal, you’re a ‘thing of beauty’!…..Luckily, somehow, you’ve managed to ‘tip-toe’ through the ‘Tulips of Life’ as the carbon copy of ‘Mrs. MaGoo’!

        Your idea of being ‘street smart’ is your ability to find your way home from Church or the grocery store…


      5. Kvtsal says:

        Gramps. You know me so well. What can I say. Oh wait Its kind of like all of the other insighful comments you make. I haven’t Been in church since my daughters wedding nearly 5 years ago and I don’t do grocery shopping. My husband is afraid I’ll be arrested since people standing and talking in the aisles and calling their significant others to review what brand they should buy irritate me to no end. So I work instead and it keeps me out of jail which makes my family happy.

      6. gramps says:

        With the # of posts you make during the working day, it must be a ‘Government Job’….


        Thank you for staying out of the grocery store. That’s one less lady that men have to contend with @ the check out counter! As they look & dig into their hand bags looking for a frayed coupon or exact change…Not to mention their starting to write that check, that they could’ve had pre-written, leaving only the amount of purchase….All check-out’s @ grocery stores should have one register that’s for ‘men only’!

      7. donny says:

        I felt threatened… so I shot Little Red Riding Hood.

        – B. B. Wolf

      8. tsal-kv says:

        gramps you have me in hysterics. I thought you were a self-proclaimed genius when it came to figuring people out – or some such claim you made repeatedly last week on the Mattapan trial blog.

        Logic should have told you that if I can’t stand people blocking the aisle while they chat or standing in one place discussing purchases on a cell phone that I would be just as irritated by anyone not totally prepared to pay the second the cashier completes scanning. Oh, gramps, you are really disappointing me :(

    3. petem says:

      Matt, I don’t understand what bearing his suspension from school has on the facts of his murder. The facts are not all out but what is very clear is that Trayvon was walking home with nothing more than Skittles, & Arizona Ice Tea and was followed by a person who was as far as I have seen was not an authorized member of any law enforcement agency, so what business was it of his in the first place? HE followed Trayvon even after the police told him to back off, HE approached and scared a 17 year old kid who was 100 POUNDS lighter than he and if the kid reacted isn’t it HIS right to do so? If I was being followed by some guy who was 350 pounds, as big as I am I would be worried. If he got up in my face I would feel threatened. I expect I’d have to do something to get him to leave me alone. If anyone in this Trayvon Martin case should have a self defense argument, it’s Trayvon.

      1. Matt says:

        It speaks about his character. It may not have to do his murder directly but all of this “outrage” is coming from the media’s presentation of this guy being a fine upstanding member of the community. When as this story keeps going on we are starting to fine out he may not be as nice as they are making him out to be.

        Here is my oppinion of what happened. Zimmerman see’s a suspicious person walking in his community that has had a rash of robberies performed by black men. He asked Trayvon what he is doing and Trayvon gets an attitude with him and get up in face telling him to mind his business. He and Zimmerman get into a fight because Trayvon does not want to be dissrespected. Trayvon gets killed when Zimmerman shoots him in self defense.

      2. tsal-kv says:

        Even with that scenario, Zimmerman initiated the confrontation. He can’t claim self defense if he was the initiator of the confrontation. Only Treyvon can. Period.

        Remember, the community did not have an official neighborhood watch program – Zimmerman was self-appointed.

      3. Titainiumman says:

        Petem you have conviently changed facts for you argument,Trayvon towered over Zimmerman,Zimmerman doesn’t weigh three hundred pounds either.
        Young thug Trayvon who was serving a detention for assaulting a bus driver,, that is important,it shows that Trayvon was capable of violence against people he percieved as people of authority, according to Zimmerman he was attacked from behind which wounds on the back of his head confirm this happened as he was returning to his motor vehicle,an EYEWITNESS has backed zimmermans story!
        Jessie and Al weren’t there
        Why is it all the photo’s of him are when he was a pre teen?
        The guy was 6’1 and played football when he wasn’t under school suspension

      4. Stephen Stein says:

        #Titanium – Let’s take Jon’s advice and get your facts straight. Do you have a cite for your claim that Martin was “serving a detention for assaulting a bus driver”?

      5. petem says:

        @Titainiumman How did i change the facts? The reports i have heard said that Trayvon was 140 lbs and Zimmerman was at least 230. Do you really think that wouldn’t make a difference? Where did you read or hear Trayvon was serving suspension for assault?
        Go back and listen to the calls that came in from others in the area saying that Zimmerman was following Trayvon…Do you think that You would not react if someone much older and bigger followed you and you knew you had done nothing wrong?

      6. Kvtsal says:

        Petem the news said he was serving suspension for having marijuana residue in his book bag. Anyone want to give a show of hands Indicating whether they could have ever faced the same thing at any point in their life had they been caught – or perhaps they were. Mthe news also said tray does not have a record

  7. Stephen Stein says:

    Bill Belichick should be nervous!
    Also, too, Franciscan monks!

  8. massman says:

    Stephen – “Should it be legal to arm yourself, pick out a victim, follow them, initiate a confrontation, goad someone into attacking you, then shoot them dead and claim self-defense?”

    That quote sums it all up. Everyone using the term “self defense”, is living on Pluto.

    1. Stephen Stein says:

      I feel I should make the same comment here as to “Matt” above – while I think this may be a plausible scenario here, I don’t know for sure that it “sums up” this particular case.

      I do see it as a danger of this “stand your ground” law though (even though this hypothetical situation is supposedly not covered under the law).

  9. FireGuyFrank says:

    I agree, Jon, there are too many folks demanding “justice” when, for all we know, no further action may be deserved it this case.

    Let the facts be presented first, and lest we forget, we have a presumption of innocence in our legal system.

    1. massman says:

      ” no further action may be deserved it this case.”

      I’d place that comment, along with Geraldo Rivera’s blaming the hoodie staement, in the 2012 Stupid Remark file.

      1. BostonIrish says:

        massman, harsh! Let’s see where the investigation goes, then we’ll know.

      2. Kvtsal says:

        Boston Irish. You are forgetting there was apparently never any action to begin with so any action is further action and there has to be some action Thats my double talk for the night You and massman want to get together for a double date with gramps and me. I bet we can all be friends ;)

    2. tsal-kv says:

      Frank – a boy is dead. Do you honestly feel that it should take a month to even begin to investigate why he is dead? Justice is NOT a conviction – it is simply an investigation. No one here is saying Zimmerman is guilty; the presumption of innocence is intact. However, when does one person kill another and walk away scott free? I do not believe anyone has the right to accuse Zimmerman of being a racist. It has no bearing to begin with. However, it sure feels to me that after the fact the entire investigation is being conducted far differently than it would were the boy to be white and the shooter black. Have you read the list of things the police department conveniently forgot to do – such as ask for witnesses or check for any substances in the boys body, etc.?

      1. response says:

        It didn’t take a month to even begin to investigate…Police questioned him and released him without charges. He was licensed to carry and the eyewitness accounts cooborated his story.
        Now Zimmerman has a 10K dollar bounty on his head and has gone into hiding.

      2. FireGuyFrank says:

        I have no idea how long a proper investigation ought to take. It is tragic. Rushing to any judgment without facts only compounds the tragedy.

        When does someone kill someone and “walk away scott free”? When they are defending themself. That is up to the investigators to determine if there is probable cause to charge, and for prosecutors to make a case.

      3. tsal-kv says:

        response and Frank – can you post a link that says there was an investigation. I just can’t find it. From all reports I’m finding the entire event was botched by police – badly. There is too much conflicting evidence – I do not understand how a person just goes free on his word when he was the one holding the gun without extensive investigation. I think you have both read enough of my posts to know I am a strong supporter of police and how they do their work and nearly always stand on the side of the police. Not so much this time. I think they blew it and I have found references to past racial profiling by them however DO NOT know if that is accurate.

        This is one link of the timeline I found but as I said would love a better one if you have it. Thanks

      4. tsal-kv says:

        response – he may be licensed to carry but that doesn’t entitle him to stalk and shoot someone. He was told by the police to stand down. As far as the bounty – he should have been in jail posting bail.

  10. mikey says:

    IF it were just the actual confrontation, the stand your ground law would probably apply. Zimmerman has now been shown to have been assaulted to some extent.

    At what point though did Zimmerman cross the line? You cannot instigate a confrontation and then claim self defense when it doesn’t go your way and you raised the level of force.

    BUT, consider how you would feel if someone was following you? If they suddenly blocked your path? Wouldn’t you take ‘protective action’? To the point of shoving or hitting?

    Maybe the ‘stand your ground’ description needs to be applied to the young man!

    This doesn’t need a public hanging, but it sure needs cool and impartial heads to investigate it fully.

    1. tsal-kv says:

      Exactly, Mikey!!

    2. Bgirl81 says:

      Mikey, you’re right.
      Also, let’s forget Race, forget Martin’s detention, or anything else for a minute. This case centers on Justifiable force….and the law written for it. I’ve read the law, and taking it AS IT IS WRITTEN, along with the size and facts that have been presented (size of both men, wounds to Zimmerman v. Martin’s being shot, etc), a couple of points remain: 1.) Martin was the one being stalked. Zimmerman, regardless of his “Neighborhood Watch” post, break-ins or not- stalked this young man who to all extents was simply walking down the sidewalk with a snack, on the phone with his Girlfriend. He notices Zimmerman (who’s obviously both bigger and older) following him, and since he’s unarmed and doing something he’d probably done before, wants to know why. So he confronts Zimmerman. A fight ensues. Martin ends up dead; Zimmerman has bruises, grass stains and some cuts.
      2.) Nowhere in ANY of the reports does Zimmerman in any way state that he believes that Martin is armed, just that he’s suspicious.
      3.) Florida happens to have anti-stalking laws as well as a law about justifiable force. Now again, Martin hasn’t actually DONE ANYTHING WRONG, which means no legitimate purpose for Zimmerman following him. Zimmerman has just decided he’s suspicious-but Martin knows he hasn’t done anything. He’s now, by law, being harassed-which is clearly against the law….
      Taking all of this into consideration… justifiable force….how exactly is it justifiable to shoot someone that from everything that’s been released, NEVER hinted at or demonstrated that he had a weapon (gun, knife, etc)? His fists, feet, etc, against Zimmerman’s gun…..hmmm…..
      Cooler heads need to prevail, yes, but the question still remains, how was it allowed to get to this point to begin with?

      1. BostonIrish says:

        You make it sound like Zimmerman was walking and stalking with the gun drawn and cocked ready to fire. I also find it concerning that Trayvon was able to attack Zimmerman from behind.

        I don’t believe this was a hate crime, either.

  11. tsal-kv says:

    copying someone’s name is very very sad! But keep up the fun. You do know that anyone here knows how I post and that ain’t it.

  12. Kvtsal says:

    Titain. Do you have a link to that eyewitnesses report. The woman who heard the shuffle have a different report. And this is why there needs to be an investigation. Everything that everyone says here is literally supposition except the fact that Zimmerman was following and was asked to stand down by the police. Except he was self appointed. Except HE initiated the original contact simply by following which IS threatening. AND that the initial investigation by police was anything but atandard. That’s why there needs to be an investigation. Because no one knows and a boy is dead. Zimmermans apparent obsession with being a cop and the boys confrontation with a bus driver have nothing to do with any of this.

  13. Eva says:

    what about the his girlfriend who was talking to him on teh phone while this happened ? Are there any truth to that ?

  14. Jimbo says:

    Sadly, the outcome of this is a tug of war. Zimmerman confronted the youth. Had the youth said, “my name is TM and Ilive @ X.” There would have been no issue. It seems to me that Zimmerman would have been happy to have provided a ride home to the kid. But, the kid could’nt handle that, he attacked the man. The shooting happenend with both on the ground. GET THE F over it.

    1. Kvtsal says:

      Jimbo. Really? When a person is following you, you would turn and calmly give your name. Sorry don’t believe it for a second. I did a little asking my kids and their friends what they would do if a guy were following them in a neighborhood at night. They are in their 20s. Some are dads. A few said they’d run. The majority said they’d turn and confront. Neither is a wrong answer. The only wrong answer is to follow someone you have NO RIGHT to follow – its called stalking.

  15. Cavalryman says:

    Based on the comments I see here; I think we should just label all caucasoids and non-africanized americans as racist murderers and hang the lot of them in a public lynchin’. It’d make ole Jessie and Al proud it seems.

    1. Kvtsal says:

      There are 57 comments. I see roughly three that mention race – I am not counting those that say race doesn’t matter. I am guessing I don’t need to explain to you why. It could be four but I didn’t include gramps comment either. The three I counted are pretty much matched by none other than YOU. Are you getting the point yet?

  16. response says:

    response – he may be licensed to carry but that doesn’t entitle him to stalk and shoot someone. He was told by the police to stand down. As far as the bounty – he should have been in jail posting bail.

    TSAL can I remind you, you do not know the facts of what happened. Do you really know he was stalking him? no you don’t… far as jail, I think your putting the cart before the horse…..I’m sure you really don’t want this man tried and convicted online…..

    1. tsal-kv says:

      response – did you listen to the 911 call – he said he was following the boy and that he found his suspicious – the police dispatcher told him to stop. He was following Treyvon – that’s a fact. He was told to stop following him – that’s a fact. You are very right that it is not a fact he should be in jail and I didn’t say it was – it is my opinion. How often, however, do you hear of a person shooting another and the police simply taking the shooters explanation as fact?

      What is it that I don’t know again?

  17. JohnC says:

    I think we should do what Jon suggested. Let’s all take a deep breath and wait until the facts of this case come out.

  18. JohnC says:

    I think we should all just take a deep breath and wait until the facts of this case come out.

    1. tsal-kv says:

      JohnC – I think that’s what most here want. Just an investigation – it’s really that simple. But there should be one and I’m not convinced there would have been an investigation without the push. It could easily turn out that Zimmerman did turn around to go back to his car and Trayvon went after him. There just should be answers.

  19. Paul Wall says:

    This article is racially inflammatory.

    Treyvon learned how the real world works when you try to emulate the rapppers and gang memebers and athletes who think they can do whatever they want then still get protection from the law when things don’t go your way.

    He was in a gated community and had no business being there. When he had a stroke of bad luck and got fresh with the wrong guy? well…as you can see he got his cap peeled back.

    1. Stephen Stein says:

      Near as I can tell, every word in Paul Wall’s comment is inaccurate, including “and” and “the”.

    2. tsal-kv says:

      oh my – really?

  20. emom says:

    I have to wonder,,, if your kid takes karate, and was approached by some lunatic, and he walked away and this guy followed him and then tried to touch my kid,,, OH HELL WATCH OUT,, MY KID WOULD SO TAKE HIM DOWN. not SAYING IT WOULD BE RIGHT,, BUT we teach our kids to protect themselves, Run if someone is following you, call the cops, what if trayvon ran and this guy followed, is it right he followed him, which by the way this guy did,, followed trayvon, its in the 911 tapes we heard. so he is guilty of stalking then. We do not know everything but we do know he stated he was following him and was told not too…. so all this could have been avoided,, sadly that guy took it to far. what if trayvon felt threatened and was running to get away, what if he knew karate and stopped to protect himself,,, what would people say then…

  21. lUKE says:

    Sorry folks nonwhites are sick and tired of being profiled. As a 60 year old man I have endured this my whole life this type of harassment. Bullying us into being passive will not work anymore the” yes sir ‘no mame “days are over—–sORRY

    1. gramps says:

      Then you & yours must look in the mirror, suck it up & have an ‘all out’ attack on behaviors that put your faces on the ‘Evening News’!


      I’m FED-UP also, having to be blamed for my Father’s sins……Because I might disagree on a certain matter, doesn’t make me a ‘racist’!…The term has been beaten to death & no longer carries the weight it used to.

      The difference between you & me is, I got up this morning & said today is Tuesday, while you swung your leg’s over the side of your bed & said I’m black/a person of color…..

      Get over it!

  22. luke says:

    Sorry you feel that way remember we built this country.Try the link
    Also race plays a hand in many matters just ask your doctor still waiting for my forty acres and two mules.Have a nice day.
    Also a tip of the hat to Jon Keller.

    1. gramps says:

      Spoken like a true victim…..

      The Rev’s Al & Jessie along with MSNBC, Tavis Smily & Cornel West, have beaten you…

      Too bad.


  23. trixlette says:

    This is a white wash, pun intended. The media has put a black out on all the recent photos of Trayvonn Martin. They only show the picture of when he was like 12. Might as well show baby pictures. This guy was 6′ 2″ tall and almost 18. He was no baby. Quit trying to show these sweet innocent pictures. Show the pictures that were on his facebook before they were removed. You know the ones, the thug ones with the gold grill in the mouth and the wife beater and the side ways hat. The ones with the mean face like he is yelling in rage, where are those cute little photos now?

    1. massman says:

      Yes Trixidiot. Let’s put pictures up to try and justify this innocent young mans murder.

  24. Rob Cleary says:

    Who remembers Bernie Goetz? Another true American crime fighting hero he was.

  25. Mr Keller(Johns Father) says:

    John drop the “I grew up in a racially mixed neighborhod” nonsense. You are inciting people to divide rather than unite. This was not a racially motivated situation.
    Trayvon walked through a gated community like it was a public street and when confronted he wents bananas. He shouldn’t have been shot but he was. and it wasn’t because he was black.

    What do you want for your birthday this year?

    1. Stephen Stein says:

      One would think that Jon’s father would remember how Jon spells his name. Go back to being “Mrs Keller”. Once again, there is nothing accurate about your comment, even the words “and” and “the”.

  26. Rob Cleary says:

    There is a silver lining in every cloud. Now the people of Florida won’t be paying to incarcerate his gangsta arse for the rest of his life. Live long and prosper Mr. Zimmerman, you have done us a great service.

  27. gramps says:

    This country is ‘totally screwed’!

    Never heard about this on ‘MSNBC’!

    Turn out the lights!


  28. Stephen Stein says:

    I have my telescope fixed on the elementary school across the street

    1. Stephen Stein says:

      This was not posted by me (the regular Stephen Stein who posts on this site). It’s amazing to me the depths to which some people sink to muddy up this issue. From posting fake pictures of Martin, to impersonating people on opinion sites, it’s clear that some people feel very threatened.

  29. Ratsoup says:

    The only question I would ask is this, when is the last time a person of color was arrested for committing a hate crime against someone white ? We are, after all, seeking equality..

  30. MoonBeamWatcher says:

    More, READY, shoot, aim from BOTH the White House and the NewsCreators! All the Constitutionaly protected media have shown a picture of Martin from 5 (FIVE) years ago . . . and feature Zimmerman with HAIR in a international Orange prisoners poopie suit! If a picture is worth a THOUSAND WORDS, this LATAN should get his house in order – he is toast! Where is the outrage of these kneeJERK reactions? After Obama chimed in where does one find a jury if warrented? Wonder if BO still would cal him “SON” with the gold teeth and gang signs?

  31. lou1011 says:

    Nothing’s changed here A thug assaulted a guy on the streets, who defended himself.One less thug in this world..thank you Zimmerman

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