Bag Odor Makes TSA Workers At Logan Airport Sick

BOSTON (CBS) – A luggage room at one of Logan Airport’s terminals was evacuated Monday morning after a strange odor was detected in a bag.

Authorities cleared out the screening room at terminal A, which serves Delta and Continental Airlines, after security searched the piece of luggage and found a chemical around 8:30 a.m.

It turned out to be camphor, which can be used for a number of things.

The owner of the bag was taken off his flight and questioned.  He told investigators he was
flying to Beijing, China and was going to use the camphor as rat repellent.

A hazardous material team was called in, along with state police and the fire department, as a precaution.

MassPort spokesman Phil Orlandella told WBZ-TV four TSA employees were taken to the hospital for treatment.

Several had complained about eye irritation, headaches and scratchy throats.

Orlandella said luggage was hand-checked until the bag room re-opened.

The man who had the bag was allowed to continue on his trip, but without the camphor.

WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields contributed to this report.

  • docrambo

    Wimps, wussies, and total overreaction on the part of incompetents. I do not believe camphor is on any proscribed list.

    • DirtyDave

      Well it did work! It chased off those TSA Rats!

    • Terry Rohan

      right-i-o I worked at the post office for 32 years, and those bastages would evacuate the building if a lunch burned in the microwave. its the caliber of the people, and unfortunately, they have taken over. Pod People

    • Lloyd

      There should be a law prohibiting packing dirty laundry in your bagage. It is very offensive.

      • Ivan

        There should be a Federal Department of Laundry dealing with these matters. its ruling should be final. How dare you have your own opinion?!

      • dingles

        There should be a law against Lloyd.

      • oroaster

        What? Throw your laundry away? Leave your clothes behind? Its OUR luggage. Dont get me going

      • SailorV

        We’ve got enough laws already.

      • Anne

        Yes, and think of what a boost it would be to the economy when people had to replace all the dirty clothes they didn’t have time to wash. Or the businesses that could start that would offer low-cost, disposable clothing for business travelers. You have just solved the economic crisis!

    • Daisy

      Correct. Not only that, but camphor smells Good not Bad.

      • p3orion

        If anyone doubts what I say I’ll personally twist your nipples off. I’ve had it with this tin clown tin man.

      • Heather Thompson

        “StateRunMedia” you’re absolutely right. The amount of disinformation posted here and the ridiculous stories in the news have reached epic proportions.

      • David

        StateRunMediaTakesOver Go back to daily kos or whatever sick leftist site your from troll.

      • StateRunMediaTakesOver

        Give me a break. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media after the coup and cover up. Even most of the comments online are financed with your tax dollars. Big brother is trying to create the perception of public opinion while burying the truth. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

        Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in world history before it disappears forever much like me.

      • p3orion

        David, I don’t think “StateRunMedia” is a liberal troll, nor is he a conservative (although he may think he is.) If you go to the blog he mentions, you’ll find that he’s actually a certifiable tinfoil-hat nutcase named Aaron, who’s convinced that aliens and dead people have taken over the government, leaving crafty clues hidden in people’s names and online photos. (Of course, only he has figured all this out.) He has about 50 online names, and posts that same message all over the place, without regard to what the story might be (he may not have even read this one before posting, Heather.)

        That being said, I recommend his blog highly, as some of the funniest reading you’ll see all day.

  • Donald Trump

    Were the TSA workers genitals lightly patted down, touched and x-rayed to determine if they were allowed to be sick?

    • jockomofo

      The camphor was actually TSA repellant, and it worked.

      • Rujholla

        he said it was to be used as rat repellant.

      • RT

        Same difference.

    • Obama Fraud Odor Makes USA Sick

  • Sunshine Connie

    TSA like many other teat suckers will do anything to get paid time away from work.

  • NoflyI

    Doesnt matter if its on a list. if the TSA says No…then thats good enough for the Sheeple. People need to wake up!!

  • James Woods

    What ashame; I know the tsa workers never made anyone sick with their creepyness and sexual harassment.

    These tsa workers really are the best of the best and how lucky we are to have them out there doing those 4th amendment smashing jobs.

    Where can I get some of this stuff for if I have to encounter these animals?

    • Not Disclosed

      Any supermarket or drug store.

  • LTCB

    TSA makes me sick. I refuse to fly until they’re ALL gone.

    • Spanky

      Checkpoints not only on roads but the voting booths as well. I’m sure there are plenty of Black Panther members and occupy terds who would happily play ENFORCER to ensure the DNC can fraud the vote this time around.
      It’s imperative to get out and vote this time for A.B.O!

    • oroaster

      I am not flying either, and for some time. It is a sacrifice. I have property in Central America and I havnt been there for years. Not going to be TSAed, TSAd, TSA’d, whatever. Another reason is, Im not sure I wont be in jail by the time its all over. Not ready to make that kind of statement right now.
      But, I have said this enough times that they may be waiting for me. You just dont know anymore.

    • NoflyI

      Same here. I’ve been making my biz trips via Amtrak.

      • Locke

        Checkpoints are going in at all bus and train stations.
        They are even going to be on highways. They will also be in all courthouses and will be put in at schools, hospitals, malls, sports stadiums, and so on.
        And it’s going to be the same gropedowns and radiation bakers. Except the x-ray scanners on the highways are so powerful they see through metal.
        It’s called the VIPR program.

    • jockomofo

      If you have to fly, wear a t-shirt that says, “TUCK FSA”. Only those waiting in line will get it. The TSA are too stupid and think it’s a foreign cheer for the USA Olympic team.

  • Bob Ingersoll

    Well camphor seems to work on government rats.

    • poorhardworker

      Love the comment!

  • pred3000

    He made the TSA agents sick? Give the man free flights for life

  • Boylston

    RT @LTCB TSA makes me sick. I refuse to fly until they’re ALL gone.

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  • Big jimmy

    Very few people have to fly. We stupid americans can’t just get it together and say TSA be damned. and the administration be damned as well. LOVE our country. Love its constitution. Hate the administrations that have screwed us in the past and especially the one in power now. Harass the hell out them… Make it impossible for them to see the light of day after they have left office. No broken laws here to the best of my knowlege. No overthrow of government necessary. Not a new style of government, just some honest people running the show for a change.

    • Daisy

      Very few people have to fly? Really?! The reason most infrequent flyers fly as inexpensively as they do is because so many … so very many … people need to fly. The vast majority of flyers are flying for work related reasons. And the TSA effectively increases the flying time, therefore expenses, of business people. Which costs everyone money. And yes, we do need new people in Government. We need actual Conservatives who will dismantle the TSA.

      • Jim Sherer

        Actual conservatives have fled, too scared to run against Obambi. No balls at all.

  • Titainiumman

    It’s about time the TSA got sick they make travelers sick each and every day

  • Garr Obo

    TSA workers at Logan airport make ME sick.

  • Andy314159

    Time for all airports to privatize security!

    These TSA guys are sandbagging union whimps. You can buy camphor formulations for medicinal use at any drugstore – just look for Campho-phenique or similar brands.

    NORMAL people use it to get well – only TSA slackers pretend to get sick from it!

    • alex

      I’m going to start packing dirty diapers in my carry on.

    • metalman

      come on over to my next steelworkers local Union meeting and spout that crap buddy. What do Union workers have to do with this story?

  • Gary

    “… eye irritation, headaches and scratchy throats”

    Guess it was a good opportunity to claim sick dayS; or maybe even workers comp?

    • Daisy

      Yup. I’m surprised they haven’t staged a walk out, a la public school students, in solidarity w/Trayvon Martin. Overtime.

  • Susan

    A product long used in home healthcare. How ignorant Americans have become of what has always been used in homes for decades.

    Kinda like Doctors who have no idea what prid salve is.

    • oroaster

      I know, If we have to fly we make sure we have a woolen sweater filled with moth balls (camphor) in our luggage.

  • Barry bin Inhalin

    The TSA workers give off an odor that makes me sick too.

  • Dan Brown

    HA HA HA!!! Thanks for the good news!

    Too bad it didn’t kill them.

  • Wlider Napalm

    Honestly, has anyone heard of the TSA stopping a terrorist from attacking? The only thing I have ever heard is they stick their hands of little kids and cop a feel.

  • woody

    The TSA is just a Federally funded Adult Daycare Program…

  • J

    The only offensive thing I see in the article are the TSA jackbooted thugs. Get rid of the TSA completely and forever!!!

  • exbobbie

    ‘ was going to use the camphor as rat repellant’

    Well at least now he knows that it works on rats.

  • Ferrell Aepps

    actually, the luggage had a broken bottle of work. the stench of doing something productive forced the lazy monkeys to evacuate

    • Cavalryman


  • george

    This gives me a great idea. The next time I’m ready to board a plane, I’ll take along a bag of smelly dog feces. Anything to make the TSA folks’ day.

    • oroaster

      that sounds like fun. can you imagine?!

    • Klaus

      Great idea. We should all do this. Bring a bag or sealed container of dog feces. When the TSA (if they detect it) asks what it is, tell them it is dog feces and that they can keep it. They won’t know what to do. They won’t know how to dispose of it, whether to call a bomb squad or what. The airport will be shut down, and you can’t get in trouble because dog feces is not a prohibited substance to bring on board. Tell them your dog had to go, and you had to rush to the airport to catch your flight, so you packed it and forgot you brought it. We can end the TSA within weeks if we all do this.

  • odirony

    The bad odor is the smell of liberties rotting away…

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