3 Women Arrested For Robbing Somerset Tanning Salon

SOMERSET (CBS) – Three Fall River women were arrested after an armed robbery at a tanning salon in Somerset on Saturday.

At around 6:45 p.m., two women dressed in ponchos and dark glasses allegedly entered the Hot Bodeez tanning salon in Somerset shortly before closing. They showed a knife and demanded cash from the clerk.

Police said the women escaped with an undisclosed amount of money.

Hours later, police arrested 24-year-old Ashley Lezandro, 25-year-old Sheila Cabral, and 24-year-old Stacy Cabral.

All three are charged with armed robbery while masked, conspiracy and larceny under $250.

  • moterhed


  • yea

    honestly this isn’t the first time either i know one of them personally

  • yea

    oh and ashleys pregnant from mike the owner at hod bodies haha this is gonna go over like a fart in church

    • lmao

      are they on druqs? who does that?

  • stevieb

    tthey all look madd familiar .,..,……stevieb

  • anna067

    lmao they are the stupidest people i know …..the poncho bandits!!!!

  • Bob

    What losers. I bet they needed the money to pay for their STD tests

  • martinmunson

    There is finally an update at on this story at http://www.wickedimproper.com

    Free Ashley!

  • who care what my name is

    The middle one wil get constantly rapped in a womens prison….lol…

  • martinmunson

    Pretty bad at spelling and grammar, but we knew what you meant. Finally there’s an update on these three alleged masterminds: http://wickedimproper.com/2012/03/the-somerset-three-the-final-chapter/

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