Who would have thought the Peyton Manning signing wouldn’t be the biggest story this week?

Days after the announcement was made Tim Tebow was traded to the New York Jets and Roger Goodell handed down his ruling on the New Orleans Saints “bounty program.”

Dan Leberfeld of Jets Confidential joined Ryan Johnston and Mike Flynn to discuss why he think the Jets made the move and Mark Sanchez.

When news broke that the Jets were interested in trading for Tebow many wondered why. Why does Leberfeld feel the Jets made the move to secure the young quarterback?

“You’re talking about a team that had run the wild cat quite a bit with Brad Smith before he left in free agency last year or last summer.”

“Then you have from a marketing standpoint. They do want to sell some seats, they still have some club seats available and some luxury boxes.”

A lot of folks have been talking about the impact bringing in a guy as popular as Tebow will have on Mark Sanchez. After the Jets lost out on landing Peyton Manning they gave Sanchez a contract extension. Is Sanchez as fragile as people think he is?

“The way they handle him you would think that. There was even a situation last year where he was struggling and he was getting booed at home and Rex Ryan basically in a press conference asked the fans not to boo him anymore, not in so many words.”

The guys went on to discuss holes the Jets could fill and discussed whether they should have focused on them rather than getting Tebow. What percentage of Jets nation really likes the trade for Tebow?


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