BOSTON (CBS) – One of the jurors in the Mattapan massacre trial said Friday that a lone holdout kept defendant Dwayne Moore from being convicted of murder.

On Thursday, the jury found Moore’s co-defendant, Edward Washington not guilty of the 2010 murders.  The judge was forced to declare a mistrial on the charges against Moore after jurors were unable to come to a consensus on his charges.

The judge noted that all except one of the jurors were able to agree on the charges against Moore.

A juror who spoke to WBZ-TV but did not want to be identified, expressed anger and frustration,  saying eleven jurors felt there was enough evidence to convict Moore, but the lone holdout refused to acknowledge that evidence.

“This is perverted. I mean, in all honesty, you have eleven people who are looking at the same evidence as one person. It’s one thing to say I disagree,” the juror said.

“It’s one thing to say based on the evidence I see, I came to this conclusion. But when you’re not willing to show a single piece of evidence as to why you came to a certain conclusion, that’s perverted.”

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When asked why the juror was holding up everyone else, he said, “I don’t know, maybe she liked the food we were getting.”

The juror also talked to WBZ about the rigors of the trial and deliberations, describing the ordeal as exhausting.

“There were a couple times I just broke down and cried on the final day. It was just to the point where I was just so emotionally drained,” the juror said.

“Again, it’s not just the victims, not just the testimony, not just the victims, not just what happens; it just gets to the point where you can’t take it anymore.”

That juror said there was not enough evidence to convict Washington, but plenty to put Moore at the scene of the murders.

“I had to look at the evidence. I couldn’t think of him as a person. I couldn’t think of his past. I had to look at the evidence we were given based on how the case was presented,” the juror said.

WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields contributed to this report.

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  1. gramps says:

    As I previously posted on another BZ blogs a couple days ago:

    I’ve been on ‘Jury Duty’ several times in my life. One of which was a ‘Murder Trial’….

    All seemed to have ‘one’ thing in common…..There was that one or two jurors that refused to use their ‘life experiences, combined with common sense & ‘Apply’ those tool’s to the evidence’ in order to reach a verdict…

    This small minority want a ‘slam dunk case’!…..As I recall the breakdown was 4 women & 1 man spread over 4 cases….

    They hailed from ‘lace curtain, 2 toilet’, liberal towns’….!

    By the way, the ‘murder trial’…..GUILTY!

    Lawyers will always try to make their clients look innocent, wouldn’t harm a fly, sinless, virtuous & if possible ‘child like’….If they’re successful, this ‘might’ cause one or more of the women to start ‘Lactating’, they become sympathetic & they’ll want to mother him/her….

    Opening the door for a ‘HUNG JURY’!


    tsal & willow along with others of their ‘Ilk’ need to review there ‘liberal leanings’….Maybe ‘less time’ in Church & more time paying attention to the world around them, would have served them better….?

    I wonder how many ‘bridges’ they’ve bought???

  2. ELaw says:

    You sound like the kind of person who can tell if someone’s guilty or innocent just by looking at them…

    1. gramps says:

      Evidence, some Testimony, Life Experiences, Common Sense & If it looks like a duck…..

      1. Truthmom says:

        Or in your case gramps, if it looks like a Black.

      2. gramps says:

        Whose the ‘Racist’?

        “There is nothing more painful to me … than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery, then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.” – the Reverend Jesse Jackson, as quoted in US News, 3/10/96.

        Get over it….


        Keep playing the ‘R’ card, you cheapen it every time you & yous use it….

  3. rrc says:

    No question the juror who “held out” was paid off some way. It’s not only in the movies.

  4. susieqsis says:

    Testimony and life experiences, yes. Unfortunately, not everyone has common sense.

  5. GrammerPolice says:

    Gramps: You should be arrested for flagrant abuse of punctuation.
    Grammar Police

    1. gramps says:

      Yes ‘Sista’ or ‘Brodda….

      500 times, from ‘now on’, I’ll not over punctuate.


    2. dan says:


      1. tsal&kv says:

        Gramm”e”rPolice – to the blackboard with you. Please stand beside gramps and write Grammar 500 times. While you are at it clap an eraser on his head (gently) and see if you can knock some sense into him ………… GENTLY. Even I wouldn’t hurt the old geezer – you know – as he said – I’m a woman and I want to mother him ’cause that’s pretty much all us women folk can do right.

      2. tsal&kv says:

        hey dan happy weekend – any more good recipes??

    3. dan says:


  6. bill Pratti says:

    This juror was paid off 11 guilty 1 Hold out

  7. jimbo says:

    just proof that the judicial system actually DOESN’T WORK…honest ,respectful, hardworking citizens always have to pay the price

    1. Tsal&kv says:

      Try Italy. Or any other number of countries You might like it better.

      1. dan says:

        yes, i have a few more for you …don’t give them to gramps ….lol

      2. dan says:

        hey tsal&kv..i did not know you were a dbag like jumbo said..another mad person i guess..more recipes coming soon

      3. tskval says:

        I look forward to the recipes!

      4. dan says:

        remember….tsal&kv….and gramps there are 2 dans on this internet. the good one and the dark side..i’ll give you another recipe tomo..may the force be with you

  8. Law and Order 2012 says:

    Curious as to the “Breakdown” of the Jury.. We at least know there was one man of color (based on the above video) and at least one woman… (the holdout)… I am just curious as to the “Demographics” of the entire Jury….

  9. jimbo says:

    hey tsal&kv….how about nazi germany where you can’t have an opinion….get your head out of your behind you DBAG

    1. tskval says:

      awwww a child on the blog!! Our justice system does work – far better than most of not all others in existence. Because there is a glitch, I do not understand how the entire system can be written off. And NO ONE has any idea – other than gramps of course – what happened here; therefore, no one is qualified to judge. Simple. Now go wash your mouth out and put yourself in a time out for the number of years matching your age – 10?

  10. JohnC says:

    I would rather see ten guilty people acquitted, then one innocent person convicted.

    1. dan says:


    2. Tsal&kv says:

      I agree John. I think those are extreme odds however the point is an excellent one

  11. real sense says:

    I could care less about this case until the people of Mattapan and Roxbury start taking control of their own community. Maybe your elected morons need to be replaced with people who can clean up the streets and make education more important than cars, music, and slanging da banging

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