EASTON (CBS) – A thief caught on video stealing a gun from a store in Easton has been arrested, police said Friday.

Twenty-two-year-old Samuel Matteson of North Easton was captured Thursday night after police received a tip from someone who recognized him.

matteson Gun Thief Caught On Camera In Easton Shop Arrested

Samuel Matteson (Photo courtesy: Easton Police)

Investigators released surveillance video and photos to the media after a young man walked out of Zero Hour Arms gun shop with a 9 millimeter handgun Tuesday.

The video shows he spent nearly 30 minutes surveying the store before he opened a locked display case, grabbed the gun and eventually tucked it in his rear waistband.

suspect Gun Thief Caught On Camera In Easton Shop Arrested

Police say this is Samuel Matteson on surveillance video.

Police say they found the gun after arresting Matteson, but the serial number on it had been filed off.

Matteson was held on $2,500 bail and spent the night in the New Bedford House of Correction.

He will be arraigned Friday in Taunton District Court on charges of larceny of a firearm, larceny from a building, possession of a firearm with a defaced serial number and possession of an unsecured firearm.

Comments (6)
  1. Rob Cleary says:

    He was just going to give it to Eric Holder. He thought he was helping his country.

  2. ginny2 says:

    Just when you think criminals can’t get any dumber, one like this comes along.

    1. Monkey says:

      I was thinking the same thing. :) Glad these criminals are SO stupid.

  3. Dave_D says:

    If you want to make sure that you get caught:
    – Look directly at the camera.
    – Linger, so the camera catches your image from all sides.
    – Wear a shirt that allows your tattoos to be visible.

    Somehow the word “moron” comes to mind (with apologies to the morons out there). Here is a disturbing thought: he probably could have bought that gun legally.

    Another thought: If he had a gun, could he tell the difference between a woman walking a dog and a deer?

    They walk amongst us.

  4. emmit066 says:

    Brains and a gun, this man has neither.

  5. Bostone says:

    How did the thief open a locked case? Wondering why the gunstore isn’t being penalized for unsecure storage of a firearm…

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