EASTON (CBS) – A gun thief was caught on tape checking out the weapon before he stole it from a store in Easton. Police are doing all they can to catch him and get the dangerous firearm off the streets.

Police say the man they’re looking for walked out of Zero Hour Arms gun shop with a 9 millimeter hand gun Tuesday.

He pretended to look at several rifles and then some knives while customers wandered around. He spent nearly 30 minutes surveying the place.

When no eyes were on him, he somehow opened a locked display case, grabbed the 9 millimeter pistol and put it on some nearby boxes.

The store had 20 cameras rolling, including a motion sensitive infrared version outside. Certainly, the suspect saw at least some surveillance cameras before one caught him tucking the pistol in his rear waistband.

The man, who was dressed in a maroon tank top with a heavily tattooed left arm, then headed for the door in no particular hurry. But with several very clear shots of his face and vehicle, a black GMC sedan with a spoiler, Police Chief Allen Krajcik feels confident they’ll nab him.

Detectives think the suspect will swap the gun for drugs, or sell it on the street. The store owner would love to stop that, so he’s offering $5,000 in reward money to capture the suspect and return the pistol.


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