BOSTON (CBS) — Rob Gronkowski and Brandon Lloyd are now teammates on the football field. In the video game world, though, they’re adversaries.

The two are squaring off against each other in the first round of official voting to be on the cover of this year’s Madden video game. Using an NCAA Tournament-style bracket, Gronkowski is the No. 2 seed, pitted against Lloyd, the No. 15 seed.

The previous round of voting used two players from each team, with voters determining which player would move on and represent each team. For some reason, though, then-free agent Lloyd was listed with the St. Louis Rams, hence the two Patriots now going against each other.

The two top seeds are Cam Newton and Aaron Rodgers, while the No. 2 seed on the other side is Giants receiver Victor Cruz.

Gronkowski has campaigned to be on the cover of the popular video game, despite the “curse” that seems to haunt most of the players that land on the cover. Gronkowski told Toucher& Rich last week that he was unaware of the famed curse.

You can vote by clicking here.


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