BOSTON (CBS) – Joe Benigno of WFAN joined Damon Amendolara and Marc Bertrand on the Sports Hub to discuss the trade of Tim Tebow to the New York Jets.

Benigno is a fan of the Jets and not a fan of the deal.

Benigno says the trade shows, “What a joke they (the New York Jets) are and have been for 43 years, no matter who’s running the show or where they’re playing or who the players or the coaches are.”

Hours after the Jets announced they had agreed in principle to acquire Tebow from the Denver Broncos, ESPN reported that the deal hit a snag.

“If you do this, you might as well make Tebow the quarterback,” says Benigno. “You have no confidence in Mark Sanchez. If I’m Mark Sanchez, I’m saying ‘are you kidding me! You know Peyton Manning is one thing, now you’re bringing in Tebow?'”

Comments (4)
  1. blackbear1 says:

    Good news for all Pats fans, both Sanchez and that buffoon coach will be returning to the jets. For all the things that Tim Tebow is or isn’t, he is a great young man. I don’t know how he is going to stand playing there, so I wish him well.

  2. Sony says:

    you say sanchez got a lot of money but he rellay didnt. theres 2 years on his contract where he has NO MONEY. also im not saying sanchez is good but people make him sound horrible and hes rellay not. im not saying 26 td and 18 int is that good its pretty bad but people talk about him like he threw 10 td and 30 int

  3. Amal says:

    um they didnt sign tebow idiot they traded for him and cneshaz isnt actually gonna get that much money anyway. he has 2 years on his contract where there is no guranteed money

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