BOSTON (CBS) — The Peyton Manning decision has been made, with the future Hall of Famer choosing Denver as his next football home.

But Manning might not be the only quarterback on the move, according to one rumor.

ESPN’s John Clayton said on ESPN Radio over the weekend that if Manning ends up in Denver, the team will look to trade Tim Tebow. As relayed by ESPN’s Louise Cornetta, the Broncos would be trading Tebow to the New England Patriots.

It seems a bit far-fetched, to be sure, as the Patriots have a quarterback named Tom Brady who takes all the snaps in New England, and the Broncos could likely get a decent return from a team looking for a starter. However, Clayton reported that rumor from Denver, and with piece No. 1 falling into place with Manning on Monday, we’ll all now watch for piece No. 2.

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  1. JPJ3016 says:

    As a Pats fan I want nothing to do with this, I don’t want to hear about Tebow in the Boston media and I have no reason to believe that he will ever be a reliable starter in the NFL. As far as trade value goes….. I would give Denver an autographed Tyler Seguin jersey and a coupon for a free oil change at the very most.

    1. SpinCityExposed says:

      This is national news now? Unelected officials took over Washington and the media after the coup and cover up. Even most of the comments online are financed with your tax dollars. Big brother is trying to create the perception of public opinion while burying the truth. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

      Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

      Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in world history before it disappears forever much like me.

    2. HerrHayek says:

      It would be interesting to see how the Pats would use him….he’s a very versatile athlete.

      1. CallingAnAudible says:

        We have bigger issues in the country then stuff like this. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media after the coup and cover up. Even most of the comments online are financed with your tax dollars. Big brother is trying to create the perception of public opinion while burying the truth. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

        Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in world history before it disappears forever.

    3. Maya Ayala says:

      I would take Tebow!

      The upshot on the guy is that he will be better with time. We point at his QB rating — but Tebow’s passer efficiency is higher than Steve Young’s during their first two seasons.

      If anyone can groom Tebow for success, it would be Belichick and McDaniels. I live in San Francisco, and I will be watching whichever team has Tebow next season.

    4. Maya Ayala says:

      In five years…

      Peyton Manning will be a hurting 41 yr old ex-QB with serious back problems.

      Tom Brady will be a 40 yr old NFL analyst on TV.

      Tim Tebow will be a 29 yr old QB entering his prime.

      1. Bill Duke says:

        And he still won’t be able to throe a pass or read a defense.

    5. bob says:

      belicheck looks for selfless winners who will do anything for the team….i could see coach and brady and mcdaniels coming up with a dozen or 2 plays addind tebow to the offense….i’d like to see it

    6. jeff5459 says:

      guys we went down this road before with Joe Montana coming and failing with the Chiefs, Brett Farve coming out of retirement, failing with the Jets and the Vikings, what makes everyone so sure Manning will succeed coming off his injury at the age of 37? Doesn’t make more sense to have a guy who can run the wild cat while being groomed as quarterback of the future? The alternative is what and old man coming off an injury with no backup.

      1. Stanley11 says:

        Montana took the Chiefs to the AFC Championship game and Favre took the Vikings to the NFC Chamionship game. I think Denver would like that chance.

      2. JL says:

        Didn’t Joe get the chiefs to the playoffs every year he was with them? Since the merger how many playoff appearances have the chiefs had. Brett Favre had the Vikings in the AFC championship game and if weren’t for criminals on the saints D line he may have won that game.

        This prove more to me that Manning just does no have his mind on winning. If he did he would have chose SF, they would have been in the SB had it not been for horrific special teams with a barely average QB. The majority of their team is back and now have 2 legit deep WR’s…Manning on that team makes them 3:2 to win the SB. Denver will not win a SB under Manning.

      3. blackbear1 says:

        JL, it was Favre’s usual choke and interception at the worst possible time that lost that playoff game for the Vikings. Think what you will about this new info re: the Saints, but when it comes down to it, it is the players on the field who decide the outcomes. The overrated Brett Favre has made a career of big game, wrong time interceptions. He has enjoyed a free pass from the press and media.

  2. mike says:

    I’m a huge Pats fan. That said Denver can keep Tebow!

    1. Occupy This says:

      @ “mike”

      Oh, shut up and keep losing to Eli.

      1. tommy says:

        tom brady still has 3 rings. who is ur team obviously not a good one. pats stilla dynasty u are telling pats fans to shut up but i wonder what ur team is

      2. Pats Fan for Life says:

        Grow up “Occupy This”. we all know that no matter how many times the lose to the Giants, that the Pats will still be a better team. The Patriots have a better coach, QB, and special teams. The only thing they need to improve on is their defence. Not to mention, Tom Brady is very well the best QB of the century. He has broken WAY more records the Eli ever could.

    2. Roy Baty says:

      You should be so lucky to get Tim Tebow. All the libturds in Boston and New England would have a fit like when they saw Rush Limbaugh sitting in the owners box, ha ha!

  3. Gunny says:

    I am completely surprised that someone in the Massachussets area really doesn’t care for Tebow. Gee, I wonder how one would come to that conclusion? Surely it isn’t for his playing ability. One only needs look at Tebow’s stats both in College and his first full year in the NFL to see that he isn’t horrible like you make him sound. You can hype the “reason” all you want, but most can see your critical bantar for what it is. Just say it.

    1. GetReal says:

      Well since you’re so subtle. I don’t want a fundamentalist religi-nut on my favorite team. I think that’s perfectly reasonable. And oh yea, he’s awful at playing football too. If you think his performance last year could be filed under anything other than “gimmick” then you are about as deluded as I would expect as someone who would defend a religi-nut.

      1. FireGuyFrank says:

        Tebow’s Christian beliefs are separate from football. In fact, your comments are disrespectful.

      2. GetReal says:

        More people should disrespect religion. Especially the far-out downright crazy kind that Tebow propagates. Some ideological views are not worthy of respect.

      3. FireGuyFrank says:

        There is nothing “far-out downright crazy” in what Tebow believes. He believes in God. Your comments make it clear that you respect no one who believes differently than you.

      4. themoreuknow says:

        Religion is insanity. Separate from spirituality.

      5. Maya Ayala says:

        Take your meds, “GetReal.”

      6. tpye says:

        how very sad I am for you

      7. GetReal says:

        There is quite a disconnect between belief in a higher power and believing in a specific doctrine that dictates how one should live their life. You can be spiritual without giving away your rationality to one of the mainstream and completely misguided churches.

        And I feel it quite necessary to disrespect the aspects of this world that are detrimental to society, such as misguided and strongly held religious beliefs.

      8. Maya Ayala says:

        @ GetReal:

        Your own views don’t provide the audacity to spew ridicule on every faith or deity that you disagree with. It isn’t really “tolerance” if you only tolerate yourself and those who agree with you.

      9. Jason says:

        Tebow does more for the poor, underprivlidged, and the sick than any other athlete in the NFL. And I’m not just talking about doing a United Way commercial & calling it a day…..spending actual time with these folks. If this is the kind of behavior that comes from teachings of his God, then a lot of people could stand to take a page out of his book.

        It’s very telling of the age we live in when fans have no moral outrage when a NFL player kills another human being, hits people driving drunk, gets caught using illegal substances, self grandises, and think the world’s axis is set by the swagger in their strut. Yet one of the most humble, giving, and competitive players does a bunch of goodwill in the name of his religion, and he is persona non grata. LOL

      10. jeff5459 says:

        I agree GetReal I would rather have a guy who rapes my women while drug dealing in my community over top of a clean cut guy who gives his entire bonus to help build schools for the poor not mention his charitable works

      11. kady says:

        It;s perfectly reasonable to be a religious bigot?


      12. dali71 says:

        It’s funny how the left preaches tolerance…unless it’s something they don’t agree with. Bunch of hypocrites.

      13. Mike D says:

        Tebow is such a nut! Remember that time he broke up with his pregnant girlfriend to marry a Brazilian supermodel? Oh, wait, that was the other quarterback, the one everybody worships.

        You want to GET REAL? Since when does PRAYING make someone a nut? I challenge you to name an example of actual nutty behavior on Tebow’s part. Sure, he visits sick children and paralyzed veterans, but even a “PATRIOTS” fan could learn to look past nutty stuff like that.

        If by “gimmick” and “awful at football,” you’re referring to a 23-year old quarterback with an NCAA Championship to his credit who went on to lead his team to the NFL playoffs and beat the defending AFC champs in the first round … in his rookie year … then I will gladly name a hundred quarterbacks who wish they had been able to pull off Tebow’s gimmick and be his kind of awful.

        By the way, have the Pats won a Super Bowl since they stopped stealing defensive signals by illegally videotaping their opponents’ practices and warmups? Didn’t think so. I’ll pray for you. I’m feeling nutty.

      14. GetHonest says:

        Teabow took the Broncos to the playoffs. That’s hardly a gimmick.

        But, then again, your obvious bigotry will blind you to certain realities.

      15. Farscaper says:

        Well I know where you will be, in the smoking section!!!! I will be in the Non smoking section. I think that if God were allowed back in schools and in this country things would be much better…. By the way just because one is a christian does not mean he has to turn the cheek more than twice!! If I were you I would pull my head out of TOMMY boys rear… As far as a QB’s goes he really could learn a thing or two from TEBOW…

    2. Dream QB is... says:

      Their perfect QB in the northeast would be Hispanic or black, gay, a licensed abortionist in offseason, atheist, hermaphrodite, and an abstract artist.Oh, and dating Danica Patrick

      1. Eye Roll says:

        This is why I wish Drudge wouldn’t link to non-political stories. Dude, this is an article about sports! Go hate on Obama and everyone who isn’t a Midwesterner or a Southerner someplace else.

      2. Eye Roll is Blindfolder says:

        Eyeroll: Right, hypocrite. Your own tactic seems to be discounting people who disagree with or despise Obama as falling into some lame categories. This, despite his 41% approval rating. Oh, yeah, easily 59% of the country are misogynistic bigoted old white men from the midwest and south, clinging to their guns and religion, watching Fox News, while praying for women to get cancer and half the coutnry to die from lack of free “healthcare” (you know, healthcare, like abortions and birth control).

        Sell crazy somewhere else.

      3. Eye Roll says:

        Dude! It’s an article about sports!

      4. HDgal says:

        H A HA HA HA

      5. Robb says:

        Sports have no place in this political article. Take your Tebow and his 41% approval rating elsewhere. Sheesh.

      6. Occupy This says:

        @ Eye Roll

        Thanks for your leftist fascist take on what media outlets should and should not run. Your willingness for censorship represents you well. By the way, why don’t you direct your drivel at this website (CBS Boston), who’s certainly enjoying the added traffic for their advertisers!

        Meanwhile, take note, stunned one—it’s the anti-Tebow hate monger derelicts who are ALWAYS the first to bring up Tim’s belief sensibilities. As such, don’t ever expect the miserable ilk to go unchallenged any further, as much as you’d like it to so.

      7. Righty With Perspective says:

        @ Occupy This

        I’m a registered Republican who won’t be voting for Obama. I love Drudge and watch Fox News a fair amount. But I gotta support Eye Roll’s point here. Dude…it’s an article about sports!

      8. Roy Baty says:

        I have to admit, I hate liberals; but the Pats are a good team from the coach to the QB.

    3. Outsider says:

      Gunny, people have a lot of opinions about Tebow one way or another. So, your point is well taken. But, ultimately, this is a sports conversation, not a political/religious conversation. New Englanders don’t want Tebow around because they currently have one of the 5 greatest QBs of all time on their team. It’d be a silly, unnecessary distraction, and they should spend their resources elsewhere.

      1. God told me to tell you... says:

        Our earthly life is like one grain of sand on the beach compared to all the sand on all the beaches of the world. Everything is of a religious consequence.

    4. Tebow Trancends says:

      Eye roll – I get your point. And agree. Except I dont, because Tim Tebow is the exception. Like it or not, because of who he is and what he has come to represent he trancends just the gridiron. I have little doubt that some of the east coast hatred has a direct correlation with the fact the east coasters can often be smug elitits who look down on silly morally based christians, NOT ALL of coarse, but enough where it becomes clearly evident in their Bias against Tebow and thus is relevant to this debate. Also, Yes Brady is top 5 of all time, but Tebwo is ONE OF A KIND, and if Belicheck can make the NFL afraid of a two te-set, win without superstars, and utilize guys like danny woodhead, perhaps inst this the Best possible spot for him…..Think Wilcat… o Tebow as a H back, TE Opposite gronk, maybe a run play desighned for Tebow out of the slot, just soooo many possibilities and who better then mr hoody to exploit…

      1. Eye Roll says:

        OK…on all the football stuff you said, I think that’s a solid point. I don’t think Tebow is a fabulous QB, but I do think he’s a great athlete. And the Pats are good at outside-the-box thinking regarding using a guy’s skills. So, I’ll give you a definite maybe. Ha.

    5. frank says:

      Gunny I personally think you have no idea what your posting about concerning football if you actually think that Tebow isnt horrible. I don’t really care what his views on life and what not are strictly from a football standpoint the guy is a joke. Lets take what you said lets look at his stats as you say from his first full season in the NFL. QB rating where did tebow rank? 28th last time i checked that would be considered horrible… how about passing completion percentage??? DEAD LAST out of 34 qbs. Even the horrific Curtis painter of the colts last here could complete more passes than tebow. The ONLY stat that tebow ranked higher than 27th was in sacks which is not a stat you want

      1. William says:

        It makes sense that Elway would want Tebow out of there. Elway absolutely sucked his first few years in Denver, and Tebow was going to become better at a much faster clip than Elway was able to manage during his playing days. Frankly, I think that the only reason Elway agreed to start Tebow was because he thought that Tebow would fail and put Denver in the hunt for Stanford’s Andrew Luck in the draft — well, that didn’t work out for the Denver brain trust.

        Tebow can play the position, and he’ll only get better. I hope that he doesn’t end up in New England riding the bench because he deserves better than that, and so do other teams that could use him to lift their team and win games.

      2. Doc Michaels says:

        You just conveniently left out the biggest stat of all — Tebow sucked SO BAD last year they went on a streak after he began starting and beat the Steelers in the playoffs. That’s right, what a LOSER he is, he’s so horrible, they had a hideous year, won in spite of him. LOL.

        Apparently the Tebow subject seems to bring out the ignorant and moronic…

  4. Phillymike says:

    Makes sense, they don’t want Miami getting him, plus Aaron Hernandez is there. I still think the Eagles should go get him and not because we have Riley Cooper but because the dude lights a fire under the team, which is something we don’t have on either side of the ball.

  5. rc33 says:

    People are ridiculous. They act as if there’s not a chance in the world Tebow could EVER improve as a QB in the NFL.
    As if the Tom Brady of 2002 is the same as the Tom Brady of 2007.

  6. Throws me the ball says:

    In my town I would rather have Tebow. We can lose with Tebow with less carnage in my town than losing with dog fighters, women beaters, and bums that assault cops. The same applies to the college in my town that gives scholarships to criminals and go 2-10 in football when we could go 2-10 with kids with good backgrounds. Gain the world & lose your soul.

    1. That's a Fact says:

      Toby Mac

  7. PatsRule says:

    Patriots would have won the Superbowl if they had Tebow in the fourth quarter

    1. Jersey pat says:

      No they wouldn’t have We had Manning.

  8. bucky g says:

    convert him to running back/wildcat qb trade hoyer mallets bradys replacement

  9. Stonewall_J says:

    Tebow, Spikes and Hernandez back on the same team…WOW…if that were to happen, I might actually start watching pro football. Wherever Tebow goes, so will I!

  10. Steve N says:

    The Pats have to think about a 35 year old qb needing replacement.

    1. red speck says:

      What? You mean Brady won’t play forever??

      All the haters gotta remember a few years back when Bledsoe was THE MAN!! and Brady was just a little pipsqueak on the sidelines. Put Tebow under some coaches and ownership that believes in him, and I bet you see a whole new player — and the religion thing starts to fade away as an issue.

  11. FireGuyFrank says:

    The Pats need a clear #2 QB who will be able to step in to Brady when he retires. The question is will that be next year, or in five years? With that said, will Tebow be happy as a back up after getting a taste of being a starter?

    I’m not worried about his overall humility. I am worried about whether he can be developed into a quality QB.

    Then again, Belichick sees things in players sometimes that no one else saw. Could he use Tebow in specialized offense? Could he send Tebow on the field with Brady out there two? Hey, can you say, “Time out — defense!”

    If that’s all true, though, why would the Broncos trade Tebow when Manning could very well retire after this comining season? In fact, Manning may not be the same in Denver as he was in Indianapolis.

  12. Joe Mama says:

    NE need a quarterback who can win SB without cheating and Tebow will provide that. Brady SB win during cheating=3. Brady SB since caught cheating=0.

    1. Camcorder says:

      Say it brah!

    2. FireGuyFrank says:

      Good grief. give it a rest.

  13. dom27 says:


  14. NickD says:

    Let’s not forget about Ryan Mallett, and the fact that Tebow is just not a passer and he will be decent passer at best. Mallett has several school records at Arkansas and could easily be a dangerous QB under Belcihick/Brady. Pats simply don’t need Tebow, and I agree with an earlier post that it would be distracting. Not BB’s style at all.

  15. Poonky says:

    Say what you will, but the South is much more into the religous chatter than the more enlightened Northeast. I don’t think Tebow would fit well here.

    1. Lee says:

      So, what you’re saying is that “enlightened” people of New England are not tolerant, and the south is a more tolerant place? It’s amazing what gems of knowledge your enlightened wisdom uncovers.

      1. Bill Duke says:

        My black friends tell me that Boston is far more openly racist than any place they have been in the south.

    2. TeslaFan says:

      The more enlightened Northeast? Let me guess, you’re a Northeasterner….. Don’t confuse arrogance with enlightenment..

  16. Poonky says:

    Say what you will but all that religous chatter goes over a lot better in the South than in the more enlightened Northeast. I don’t think New England would be a good fit for Tebow.

    1. boston bloowz says:

      whatever, snooky

  17. Luke says:

    I live in Denver. Tebow would not be a distraction and he would love being able to learn from Tom Brady. The problem is his fanbase. However, Colorado is a Republican state, unlike Massachusetts. If Tebow goes to the Patriots, I don’t see it getting blown out of control like it did in Denver due to the liberal nature of Pat’s fans. Tebow would be a great goal-line and short yardage option. I think Bellichek will get him. Just my opinion.

  18. George says:

    As much as I love Tim Tebow, I don’t see his coming to the Patriots as being a likely move……but I’ll leave that up to Belichick and the Krafts. Tim is certainly a greatly admired figure in New England and probably throughout the entire country. It’s a pleasure to watch a truly decent person play the game with all his heart and still respect and admire his opponent. I was so touched when he tapped Andre Carter on the helmet after he blew his knee out. That is a classy decent human being and I wish more people were like him. And yes, I know he doesn’t have the arm of a Manning or Brady but that’s his only weakness and he may be ale to develop his skills in that area.

  19. Kurt says:

    Belichick likes FOOTBALL PLAYERS. Tebow is a great football player w a huge heart. Think of the things he could do w a guy like this now, plus he gets to learn from the master. As a raider fan, this is scarry.

  20. Uncle Omar says:

    I could see Belichick finding creative ways to use him.

  21. JR396 says:

    I came here from Drudge Report RARRR!!!!! Angry right-wing comment for no reason on a sports article RARRRRR!!!!

    1. Lee says:

      Almost as bad as people who hate a winning quarterback because of his religion.

  22. A Mann says:

    make him a RB(think he could be a good one)/wildcat QB(once or so a game)/emergence 3rd string QB , i’d be fine W/ that. Remember it’s Bill B we are talking abou,t the guy that thinks out of the box alot. Think creative.

    1. BostonIrish says:

      A Mann, I agree. I think he’d be a heck of a Wildcat player.

  23. specular says:

    Why not! He’s talented, a total team player, and BB is as creative as the come.

    Can see Tebow now cutting down Mario up in Buffalo, then taking a swing pass from Brady all the way to the end zone.

    Take a chance – have some fun. Can probably get him cheap too.

  24. Lee says:

    Massachusetts is the liberal atheist capital of the world. They absolutely viciously hate God, Jesus, and anyone who believes in them. They would crucify Tebow over his religion.

  25. Maggie says:

    Just hope the best for Tebow. Last year was so exciting for Colorado. It was the first season in six years that the Broncos went to the playoffs thanks to Tebow and his teammates.

  26. JJinCO says:

    That would be horrible. I would have to root for the Patriots and buy another Tebow jersey. I am a Steeler fan living in Denver and I just love the guy. He needs some more tangibles to go with his intangibles, but I think Tebow has plenty of upside, and Belichick is a great coach to learn under. In NE, at least, there would be no QB controversy.

  27. Quencher says:

    Tebow to the Patriots. Would never work. His allegiance would never be to the Patriot team but to the power this narcissist believes in.

    1. Jason Umphries says:

      Are you seriously that misinformed or are you just that blinded by your intolorance?

      I’m not a Tebow fanboy, but lay off the guy. The dude commited himself to learning all over again how to “properly” throw a football in an effort to be a better QB & competitor. I think someone pointed out earlier that ELWAY had worse numbers his first year in.

      And by the way…the power this narcissist believes in guides his moral concious to spend more time (NOT JUST MONEY) with the poor, sick, and underprivlidged than just about any other player in the NFL. Such a terrible role model, given all the other murderers (Stallworth anyone?), dog fighters, gun toating thugs, and wife beaters.

      Hide your children, hide your wives…that Tebow is BAD news!

  28. Jofus says:

    The only way I could see Tim Tebow coming to the Patriots is if he agrees to be a backup until Tom Brady retires (which might be another four or five years) or perhaps plays another position other than quarterback.

    Short of that, such a move won’t work.

    Denver should not have signed Peyton Manning.

    By doing that, and with their apparent dumping of Tim Tebow, the Broncos may have thrown away between one and three Super Bowl championships.

    1. Bill Duke says:

      No. They would never win a Superbowl with a QB who cannot pass or read a defense. He finished the regular season with a 1-3 record. That type record got Orton traded.

      1. dali71 says:

        He was 8-4 in the regular season.

  29. gman51 says:

    The sad thing is Boston is full of Godless Commies. I know, I used to be one of them. They will hate on Tebow like they do on the guy who brought them their first World Series in 85 years – Curt Shilling. They are sick, sick people. If I were Tebow, I’d try to get somewhere in the South where they still appreciate a believer.

  30. Riverman says:

    Uh, Tebow was better than average in W-L percentage, rushing yards, TD to Int. percentage and his stats out shined Elway’s first year as a starter by far…

    Elway 1983:
    Games Started 10 W-4 L-6 TD’s 7 Int. 14 Yards Passing 1663 Comp % 47.5 Yards Rushing 143 (+1 TD Rushing) QB Rating 54.9

    Tebow 2011
    Games Started 11 W-8 L-3 TD’s 12 Int. 7 Yards Passing 1729 Comp % 46.5
    Yards Rushing 660 (+6 TD Rushing) QB Rating 72.9

    Tim Tebow’s College Career Stats blow away John Elway’s as well, plus Tebow played on 2 National Champions and won a Heisman Trophy…
    Calling him a bum only shows ignorance.

    1. Bill Duke says:

      He’s a one trick pony

      1. Riverman says:

        Tebow was a one trick pony in college??? Ignorance must be bliss…

        Do some homework Tim Tebow blew away Elway and both Mannings in college, he also held his own (in comparison as first year starters in the NFL…

        Mentored by Belichick and Brady, being creatively used on on 3rd and 4th down as well as red zone situations would be extremely interesting . Tebow did that as an understudy to Chris Leak @ Florida as a freshman, worked pretty good (National Champs). It appears BB is the only coach, GM (or hateful football fan) with a long term memory). Denver would be smart to keep him but perhaps NE is a smarter franchise….

  31. pray more says:

    Belichick made a star out of Matt Cassel didn’t he? A guy who never even started at USC. It’s the system. In Brady, he has a super athlete w/a brain who made the system even better.

    Tebow – like so many other Patriots – will be schooled in more than 1 position. Anything to help the team effort. He’ll go for it in that light. I can see it now, Brady passes to tight end Tim Tebow, or Tebow comes in for special teams or a trick play. All the while becoming a decent back up, and starter. There are few, very few superstar QB’s in the league. Tebow just has to be decent & reliable.

    Tebow is a class guy, and he’s shown that the past 2-3 weeks. He’ll be classy in this move to, wherever he ends up. Good luck Tebow.

    I think Manning can do well in Denver. It’s a terrible division, easy ticket to the playoffs with a mediocre season. But, can he stay healthy all season, can he play in real winter weather (history shows no he cannot), and his age & injuries may catch up to him. Still, Elway has shown w/Tebow last season, & Manning this season, he’s willing to try anything to win…..

  32. Ramicmac says:

    great thing to do, tebow just wins, ugly, nice, cute, horrid, he just wins. Yup Pats, take him, please take him. Bradey was the best and is still the best, what a guy to lead Tebow, its a dream marriage for sure

  33. oyh says:

    he leaves the giants and then goes to the broncos

  34. RAnthony80 says:

    Look how great Tebow did was a team that sucked like Denver..Think how great he can do heading up a real Team. Not to mention the Merchandise and ticket sales that would go long with him. I think Denver is just dumb as dirt. They should trade the coach and keep tebow.

  35. Fern says:

    How about removing this long stale story? It makes your whole website look out of date.

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  38. Vonnie says:

    Mold is virtually in every single place – in penicillin, cheese, decaying plants and
    animals and that moist space on your wall where the water leaked from your pipes.

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