WEST YARMOUTH (CBS) – A third-grader in West Yarmouth was called for jury duty on the Cape – and he didn’t like it.

Nine-year-old Jacob Clark got the summons in the mail ten days ago ordering him to appear in Orleans District Court on April 18.

But he had no idea what it was.

When Jacob’s grandmother Deborah Clark explained to him how jury duty worked, she said he told her, “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Jacob’s father called the jury commission office and found out that someone had mistakenly typed 1982 for Jacob’s birth year, instead of 2002.

The correction was made and Jacob was off the hook.

Massachusetts Jury Commissioner Pamela Wood told the Cape Cod Times a child gets called for jury duty once or twice a year.



Comments (3)
  1. K says:

    CBS Boston could have saved this news story

  2. Jerome says:

    Where exactly do they get the information for the jury pool? In most states it’s from some official act like registering to vote or getting a driver licenses or state ID. A 9-year-old kid has none of those. So what government interaction can a kid have that would even allow for a birth year to be entered incorrectly?

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