SCITUATE (CBS) – Two toddlers were found wandering alone early Saturday morning in Scituate.

Police said the three-year-old boy and two-year-old girl were found near the intersection of Country Way and Curtis Street around 7:45 a.m.

They were taken to the police department and then the hospital, as a precaution. They were not hurt.

“A reverse 911 call was sent out to residents in an attempt to locate the children’s caretaker and a door to door canvas was initiated,” in the area where the children were found, police said in a statement Saturday afternoon.

A resident told WBZ-TV a newspaper delivery person found the children and the resident called police.

Around 10 a.m., the children’s parents contacted police to report the toddlers missing.

The home where they were staying was about 200 yards from where the children were found.

“The family had arrived hours earlier from out of state, after driving overnight. (The) investigation revealed the parents had taken precautions to child proof the residence for the visit and were aware the three-year-old had recently learned to open doors, they were unaware that the child had the ability to defeat door locks, which had been properly set,” police said.

There have been no charges. Investigators said it didn’t appear to be a case of child neglect.

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  1. Metoo says:

    If the resident (who didn’t want to be identified) knew where the kids belonged, why didn’t he/she go to that house and knock on the door? And why didn’t he/she tell the police that he/she knew where the kids belonged? Would have saved a whole lot of time and the automated phone calls wouldn’t have been needed. Seems like the resident just wanted to make a simple matter, into a dramatic event. Glad the kids are safe!

    1. Meri says:

      If the resident was male or had a less than perfectly friendly relationship with the parents or the people the parents were staying with the resident may have called the police to avoid any appearances of kidnapping in this case. We are a litigious society and i have heard about cases where strangers who were trying to help, especially males, have been arrested under suspicion of kidnapping when children have gone missing and been found or even rescued by the person trying to help.

      1. moterhed says:

        Hmm China perhaps.. model of the world, where you can plow down a two year old girl in the street and no stops.. Like on the Cape or MILFORD hint hint wink wink.. who wander into the street. IT was reported not long ago and i dont think WBZ covered it..

        even then not sure of the source.. but in China a Good sam went to help a women? who was run down in the street no one would stop cars to help, this one good Samaritan helped the women who got run down .. she tuned and successfully sued the very person that helped her and i think it was she could not afford hospital bills .From what i read ..was this is the reason when children or even adults who are in these accidents and no one else is around to be blamed they go after the rescuers .

        i can’t blame people who would turn an eye… Doing the right thing has a real deep meaning especially helping to not be a victim and cops who ALWAYS ask for our help and then advocate not taking matters into their own hands thanks to Lawyers . One thing helping others you do at your own peril.

      2. Peanut7 says:

        Do either of you actually read? If so, read again…out of state, arrived hours earlier…knock knock..

      3. metoo says:

        The caller could have at least told the police where the kids belonged. He had that information, and failed to pass it on, causing wasted time and effort on the police departments part.

  2. moterhed says:

    @ peanut7 Get your head out of the sand .. Meri (may) have referred to a past story i was eluding to the possibility of the story some weeks ago that the post was inquiring about .. think before you stick your nose in a thread. mentioning Good deeds being litigated .. Wow Read much? ..Comprehend much .

  3. Peanut7 says:

    The resident didn’t know where the kids belonged. They arrived from out of state during the night and the kids weren’t found right outside the house.

  4. swim69 says:

    I agree with you Peanut7 – you’re right on. the resident/newspaper delivery person was truly trying to help – he/she found the kids and didn’t know where they belonged. I’ll bet the parents and family did arrive really late at their destination and that’s why they slept a little bit later. With three small children of my own, I remember when they learned to open doors, and it wasn’t a fun time. It can be tough – especially since they wake up early too. The children probably slept most of the way during the drive – and from their regular/normal bed time, and that’s why they woke up as those small kids do at their regular time while the parents were sleeping. I can envision this all now; it was just a mistake and I’m glad that children are ok and safe. I hope the family has a lovely visit in Massachusetts and Scituate!

  5. boyo says:

    Thank goodness the kids are okay. They could’ve been hit by a car or worse. The parents must’ve been terrified when they realized the kids were missing.

  6. Truthmom says:

    Sounds terrifying.. Toddlers are tricky. You can never tell when they’ve learned to outsmart your “childproofing” until they’ve already done it. Sounds like it’s time to put a sliding lock on the front door (at a height only adults can access of course).

    1. Peanut7 says:

      I did that, and my twins dragged the coffee table over to the door, slid open the lock, in order to get the morning paper!

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