LOWELL (CBS) – Dozens of people were evacuated after a fire broke out at an old mill in Lowell.

The mill is vacant, but it’s in a luxury condo complex.

Residents scrambled to evacuate as the nearby building went up in flames.

Luckily the fire didn’t spread and everyone got out safely.

Comments (2)
  1. Simon says:

    It’s an apartment complex, not condos.

    It’s not luxury by any stretch of the imagination

    The vacant mill did not go up in flames

    Lowell Fire Dept did a great job last night.

  2. John Bonnage says:

    Thanks for the comments, Simon. Boy, are you right!! I’ve been a ‘mill architecture’ guy since teaching in Fall River 40 years ago. The mill names are important; how old they are is important; what they manufactured is important. This report is akin to saying: there was a fire in Boston, some people were evacuated, the building was destroyed. Gee, thanks.


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