By Christina Hager, WBZ-TVBy Christina Hager

FALMOUTH (CBS) – Relatives of a Falmouth soldier are preparing to face their loved one’s killer in court for victim impact statements.

Army Sgt. Brent McBride claims he killed his roommate, Sgt. Matthew Gallagher, in a shooting game called quick draw, while the two were serving in Iraq. Now, Gallagher’s family has learned McBride will plead guilty to a manslaughter charge later this month.

“Do I think my husband played that game ever? Absolutely. Do I think people in the military play that game? Absolutely,” says his widow Katie Gallagher. She does not think that’s what her husband was doing when he was killed, though. She says autopsy results show he was shot point-blank, which is not consistent with how the game is usually played. “It just doesn’t add up, period.”

Military officials have told Gallagher’s family that McBride will likely be sentenced to something less than the ten years they had hoped for. Even though Katie Gallagher had hoped for more, she’s eager for McBride to finally spend time behind bars. “This will finally be the start of justice,” she says.

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  1. Michelle Fuller Fitzgerald says:

    This poor woman, you send your husband to Iraq and this is the last way you expect him to die. My thoughts are with the family at this most difficult time. I wonder why there hasn’t been more of an investigation into why her was shot point blank. What’s up with that?

    1. Loretta Gilfoy says:

      Michelle, The saddest part of all of this is that the military told the family that Matt was killed during a house sweep in Iraq, Knowing from the second it happened, that it wasn’t enemy fire nor was it friendly fire. You are absolutely right why wasn’t there more investigating on this???? I am not familiar with the exact details on this but one thing I am certain of is that Quick Draw does not mean going up to someone at a very close range, pull the trigger, and shot them in the head. I really feel there much more to all of this and the military is just covering their asses. I pray that Katie and his mom and family get the answers that they deserve. Matt will always be Falmouth’s home town hero RIP Sargent Gallagher!!!!!!

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