BOSTON (CBS) – With the NBA Trade Deadline just a few hours away, SI’s Ian Thomsen joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher and Rich to break it all down.

The Celtics had been involved in numerous rumors, but now it seems like the deadline will come and go without any noise.

Is there anything going on with the C’s right now, and is there a chance they break up the Big 3 by 3pm?

“It’s impossible to trade Kevin Garnett, because his contract is expiring and it’s worth so much money you’d have to take a bunch of junk that you’d have to live with,” said Thomsen. “Paul Pierce, if you trade him you trade Mr. Celtic. I don’t think the owners want to see Paul Pierce help another team get to the conference finals while they got an extra draft pick for him. You could get a draft pick for Ray Allen, but you’d be telling your team and fans you’re out of it.”

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“When you put it all together I don’t see how they trade any of these guys, but now because we’re talking about Danny Ainge, he may trade all of him in the next few hours. You never know.”

What about Rajon Rondo? His name has been in rumors since before the season, is Danny Ainge still looking to move his most valuable asset?

“I don’t think they’re looking to trade him, like ‘we cannot live with this guy, we have to dump him.’ But they are always trying to figure out what his value is and if they can do better by trading him, because he is by far their most valuable asset,” said Thomsen. “They ought to fire Danny Ainge is he’s not out there trying to figure that out.”

“If they can go out and get something great for him, and turn him into something else, I think the way the league is right now Jeremy Lin is proof you can find a point guard. You don’t need to have one of the great ones,” said Thomsen. “It’s a point guard league, and you can find point guards anywhere.”

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So if they aren’t looking to be sellers this deadline day, are the Celtics buyers? Not quite, since they don’t have much to give up in return.

Thomsen says their best bet is to hope center Chris Kaman gets bought out by the New Orleans Hornets, and finds his way to Boston.

“He’d be the perfect for the Celtics in short term, and he’s playing for a contract because his is expiring. That would be an unbelievable find for the Celtics,” said Thomsen. “It has to be what every fan of the Celtics is praying for now; is that Kaman is bought out after the deadline and comes to Boston and gives the team a chance to get out of the bottom two seeds in the East.”


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