BROCKTON (CBS) – March Madness has begun!

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mark Katic reports.

Picking brackets for the Big Dance has become a rite of passage for people of all ages and backgrounds. One local author says he’s got the inside track to winning that office pool (or bragging rights).

In the book “Bracketeering,” Suffolk Law student Andrew Clark gives readers steps to follow to ensure they’re the envy of your tourney pool and don’t wind up with Belmont and Western Kentucky in the Final Four.

VIEW: Clark’s Expert Bracket [.pdf]

“The first things I always do is put the 1’s and the 2’s into the next round,” said Clark. “Historically, the underdog has won four times, and the last one hasn’t happened in over a decade.”

Clark says the best indicator of a team’s performance isn’t wins and losses.

“I had to go with scoring margin. It’s a really good indicator of how good the team is overall,” said Clark.

The most overrated statistic, according to Clark, is relying on analysis of head-to-head match-ups or games against common opponents.

“That is something that I’d look at as a secondary or tertiary tiebreaker, but it’s something that I don’t look at too much because anything can happen on a given day,” said Clark.

In the end, Clark went with Kentucky and North Carolina in the finals, with the Wildcats winning it all.


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