BOSTON (CBS) – The shooting of a Beverly police officer last month was the result of a perceived affair, the Essex District Attorney confirmed Thursday.

Beverly officer Jason Lantych was shot and seriously wounded by off-duty Hamilton Police Sgt. Ken Nagy outside a Starbucks in Beverly February 24th.

Nagy drove off and returned to the parking lot hours later and killed himself.

“Based on the evidence gathered, investigators found that Nagy shot Lantych because of his perception of a relationship between Lantych and his wife,” Carrie Kimball Monahan, a spokeswoman for District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett, said in a statement Thursday afternoon.

Nagy’s wife Katherine worked with Lantych in the Beverly Police Department.

The night before the shooting, Nagy left their home in Rowley to go to work on the midnight shift.

But investigators said he then called in sick, drove around for awhile and returned home to talk to his wife.

“They discussed issues relating to their marriage, including his belief that she was having an improper relationship with Lantych. Included in the discussion was the possibility of a divorce,” the investigative summary released Thursday stated.

Read: The DA’s report | Police Report

At about 6:15 a.m., Katherine went to her parents’ house in Hamilton and Nagy texted Lantych, “Hey Jay … thanks a lot, buddy.”

According to the report, Nagy “called Lantych an expletive and said, “See you soon my friend.”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mike Macklin reports

About a half-an-hour later, investigators say Katherine called Lantych and told him about her conversation with her husband.

“As they were speaking, Nagy called Lantych; they spoke and Nagy confronted him about the relationship. Lantych said, “it’s not what you think, Ken” and offered to speak with him in person. The conversation ended,” the report stated.

At 5 p.m., Nagy called Lantych and said he would like to meet him in Hamilton.

According to the report, “Lantych suggested they meet at the Starbucks in Beverly; he joked that this was so Nagy would not shoot him. Nagy reportedly laughed and agreed to meet him there. Lantych was driven there by his mother.”

They met near the front door of the Starbucks at 5:36 p.m.

“Nagy periodically checked his cell phone. Lantych relates that Nagy, though upset, was calm during the conversation,” the report stated.

“Lantych retrieved his coffee, and both walked out the front door of the Starbucks and turned to the right; they spoke for a few seconds before the conversation ended and Nagy walked to his vehicle.”

“Lantych walked back toward the front door of the Starbucks and began to call his mother to pick him up. Nagy backed out his vehicle and stopped. Lantych approached the vehicle.  Nagy fired two shots at Lantych through the vehicle’s open window, striking him in the wrist and thigh,” the report said.

Lantych told investigators he didn’t see the gun and couldn’t recall what Nagy said before shooting him.

According to the report, “Lantych stumbled toward the front door of the Starbucks, bleeding heavily.Dispatch received six separate 911 calls concerning the shots.”

Nagy drove off in his SUV.

Several people rushed to help Lantych.

Casey Paul Bennett was at the scene and gave his belt to another witness so it could serve as a tourniquet. Bennett and a Starbucks worker applied pressure to the wound on Lantych’s wrist.

Bennett asked Lantych what Nagy had against him and Lantych replied, “He has a few things” or “a couple of things.”

Police went to Nagy’s home and found a suicide note.  But they had no idea where he was.

“State Police interviewed Katherine at her parents’ home in Hamilton. She was unaware of Nagy’s plans to shoot Lantych, had not heard from him that afternoon, and did not know his whereabouts,” the report stated.

At 10:30 p.m, nearly five hours after the shooting, an officer saw Nagy in the SUV turn into the Starbucks parking lot.

According to the report, “He drove into the lower parking lot behind Statbucks and parked. There were no other people in the lot. The plate was confirmed as Nagy’s, and police took up positions near the rear of the SUV, which was not running and had no lights on. It was soon discovered that Nagy, who was sitting in the operator’s seat with a handgun in his lap, had taken his life. A copy of the suicide note and a journal were beside him. An autopsy determined the cause of death was a single gunshot wound to the head and the manner of death a suicide.”

Nagy, 44, was a 19-year police veteran. He left behind his wife and two young children.

Lantych, 35, is a 10-year veteran of the Beverly force.  He was seriously wounded but thanks to the bystander, he is now recovering.

WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields contributed to this report.

Comments (24)
  1. Tom says:

    I figured the two officers were having the affair…

  2. Thank You Soldiers says:

    I didn’t figure the two cops where good buddies but I personally felt the cops wife was messing around with the other cop. Either that or he was trying hard to. I doubt he was just a shoulder for the poor widow to cry on. Well it sucks for everyone involved. Love hurts I guess.

  3. wisegal says:

    We don’t know if Lantych was having an affair with Katherine Nagy. Maybe they had an affair. Maybe they had a really great non-affair friendship and Nagy got jealous and irrational. The world is full of strange human behaviors, and I’ve known my fair share of men who got creepy or violent if other men so much as stood too close to “their women.” Either way, Nagy’s actions were wrong. Nobody wins in this one, regardless of what preceded it.

  4. jordan lewis ring says:

    the true tragedy is to the children and community. anyone who understands life and the affairs of attraction knows that adultery was in play. adultery is in MA a crime. if the DA has evidence of the adultery these two should be suspended from the force and while it will not undue the horrid, it might prevent or reduce other like events in the future. the fault dear Brutus is not in the stars but mankind itself.

  5. scowman says:

    Shame. We all knew ! Now go look into your kids eyes ! Was it worth it??????

  6. JL says:


  7. Buddy says:

    No Affair? Say’s who? Carrie Kimball Monahan AKA Katherine Nagy the wife? Why would she even call this other cop if nothing were going on? Most likely to warn him and to get there stories straight!

    I truly believe an affair took place and why did they both go away together on a so called conference without Nagy the husband ever knowing? It’s a shame Nagy handled it this way. His two boy’s will be lost forever without him. The wife/mother well she’s got a lifetime of explaining to do.

    They do say what comes around goes around and How!

  8. Dave_D says:

    I guess the public has a right to know the circumstances of a shooting involving police officers. But, somehow, I think that it is too bad that this has to play out in public. There is a widow and children who now have to put their lives back together. The whole media coverage of this leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  9. Kristin says:

    You don’t mess with someone else’s spouse. The wrong person died in this case.

    1. Dianne says:

      A bit harsh…nobody wins in this situation. Without knowing more details we will never know what happened. I believe the reports said that Nagy “percieved” there was a relationship.

    2. Jaygee says:

      This is a very sad event for all concerned but especially for Off. Nagy who was driven to suicide. However, your statement that “you don’t mess with someone’s spouse” makes it look like only the other cop was at fault. First of all, It takes two to tango and the act of cheating on one’s own spouse is about as old as dirt. Only thing different here is that someone died.

  10. Rob Cleary says:

    All cops are ticking time bombs. This is what happens when you live in a world where you are never held accountable for your actions. Think of the abuse these two imbeciles, and all who wear the badge, have gotten away with against the public over the years knowing that there are no consequences to their actions. The Streets of their towns are much safer places now that they’re gone or out injured. Mental health screenings, recruiting and training are sorely lacking in most police depts. Just look at the fools the MSP has working for them.

    1. Buddy says:

      I live in Peabody. We have an overnight parking ban. Its supposed to be for everyone. A car just down the street from me has been parking overnight for the last 6 weeks. Not one tivlet. Come to find out it is a Peabody police detectives mothers house. Funny thing is a Friday morning a couple weeks ago one of Peabody finest was tagging every single car except the one parked in front of the detecives mothers house.

      Then they wonder why they are so despised. Do as I say not as I do or else! Nothing but BS and the chief turns the other way all along knowing it’s not right.

  11. Scanner Man says:

    Its never a good idea to sleep with a cops wife…… I mean you know the guy is power hungry, armed, and has cop-mentality as well. A pretty dangerous combination……

    1. blackbear1 says:

      Scanner Man,what a dumb comment. You had best check your mentality. You try being a Cop!! The crux of this sad story is the two boys left without a Dad. Also, the wife has a lifetime of guilt to live with. I hope the surviving officer is not treated as a recovering hero. He is no hero, he needs to turn in his badge. Scanner Man you need to turn in your radio.

      1. Rob Cleary says:

        The boys are without a dad because dad was an out of control fruitcake.They are better off without him.

      2. Rob Cleary says:

        You want him to sleep in his car and shoot unarmed people. Yeah, cops got it tough.

  12. kenmax00 says:

    a shoulder to cry on. what was her job , crisis handler,she admited in article in the globe this morning of affair, she needed someone to talk too, man talk about someone getting a job out of who you know and not what you know . GOOD THING IS IN CONVERSATION IS THAT THEY DID NOT START A PHYSICAL RELATIONSHIP YET. RIGHT! HE TAPED (nagy) PHONE CALLS . THIS WOMEN WAS ON IDIOT. HAVE HIM CALL AT A PHONE BOTH , WAIT NO PHONE BOTHS LEFT, SMOKE SIGNALS. , ANYTHING BUT YOUR HOUSE PHONE, AT LEAST YOU HAVE A GOOD ANSWER FOR THE TWO CHILDREN. AND I’M SURE THE NAGY FAMILY UNDERSTAND, BRING BACK THE OOLLDD DAYS. PUIBLIC FLOGGING

  13. KLW07028 says:

    Based on the above comments, I realize I am in the minority with my opinion but here goes. Initially, this tragedy was NOT going to be investigated. The DA’s office felt that the “motive” was irrelevant and it WAS. This was a personal situation (and guess what? Extra marital affairs are not uncommon) The two men involved were off-duty. Only one of the men broke any laws (shooting another using his service gun in a public place) and he is no longer alive so there’s no one to “punish.” But now it’s “officially” out there on paper and there are 2 small boys who have not only lost their father but, because of the investigation, will someday learn the circumstances of their father’s death. THAT’S the real tragedy.

  14. Rob Cleary says:

    District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett has some real investigative talent! I wonder if the Keystone Cops are hiring?

  15. Cyndi says:

    It has been reported differently by another station. I agree with the othere story. Nagy confronted his wife in the early hours of that morning, she did tell him she was having an affir with Lantych. The two discussed divorce the breakup of the marriage. That is when Nagy was distraught and obviously went around all day until he confronted Lantych, and Nagy lost it!
    I am sure this was not his imagination! Also why did Lantych tell the nurse helping him after the shooting, he has a couple of reasons?? Now if that is not the truth what is?? I do believe both were having an affair…how sad! Nagy obviously loved his wife. Lantych got exactly what he deserved. I feel no sorrow for him or Katherine Nagy, my heart goes out to those two boys.

  16. Cyndi says:

    I think it is a horrible label to put on Sgt Nagy stating he “perceived” an affair was going on. That is to imply he was dillusional! No, I do believe he knew or saw them together. Let’s face it he is gone, a cover for those two is important now, after the fact.
    Also, why is it all of condolences written in the Funeral Homes Guest book, are not to Sgt Nagy’s wife? Check it and you will see, almost 98% were written to his parents and siblings. I standby my beliefs. Katherine Nagy and Lantych are the guilty ones.

  17. kenmax00 says:

    diane, percieved! she was on the phone with the low life when nagy called him for meeting. what apiece of work, he unfortunally brings the whole department down with him. other people at the station knew. ps what a big boy, brought his mommy with him, mommy make him(nagy) behave. if any officer in beverly stands behind this peice of garbage , then it just show’s how bad it’s become in the beverly pd. he should resign move to fla with mommy. if nagy” shot aimed correctly then as dolly parton like to say, one shot will change you from a rooster to a hen. heck , nagy.s widow won’t need him anymore for SUPPORT .

  18. Buddy says:

    Oh and by the way……Carrie Kimball Monahan AKA Katherine Nagy the wife is pregnant. You haven’t read this yet have you?

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