BOSTON (AP) — The trial of two men accused of gunning down three adults and a toddler during a drug robbery in Boston is in the hands of the jury.

Jurors in the trial of Edward Washington and Dwayne Moore are expected to start deliberations Wednesday.

Moore and Washington are accused of killing the victims on the streets of the city’s Mattapan neighborhood in September 2010 after robbing a marijuana dealer.

mattapan victims 2 Mattapan Massacre Trial Now With Jury

Left to right: Eyanna Flonory, 21, Sean “Simba” Martin, 21, Amani Smith, 2, and LeVaughn Washum Garrison, 22 (CBS)

A fifth victim was left paralyzed.

The case hinges on the credibility of the prosecution’s star witness, who admitted taking part in the robbery, but leaving the scene before the shootings occurred.

Defense attorneys in closing statements Tuesday portrayed Kimani Washington as a liar who was himself responsible for the slayings.

Prosecutors say other evidence backs up his version of events.

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  1. Casmir says:

    they need to be stoned to death. I pray the justice system don’t disappoint our community. They are all animals and we need an example to be set, that nothing like this can happen no matter where you live. We should have the right to go to playground and be safe, have our kids walk home and be safe, go to bed at night without fears of being murder. Please put these guy away and let them rot.

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