NFL free agency starts Tuesday at 4pm and the Patriots have some needs at certain positions.

NFL Network’s Bert Breer joined Toucher & Rich to discuss some of the players the Pats might have their eyes on that are hitting free agency and the continuing Peyton Manning saga.

St. Louis Rams wide receiver Brandon Lloyd will be a free agent today at 4pm and it seems like he would want to come to New England. How much does this move make sense for the Patriots, what does he bring to the table and what is the likelihood that this move happens?

The Patriots also have need at the cornerback position and Tennessee Titan Cortland Finnegan and Baltimore Ravens Lardarius Webb. Which one of these guys makes sense for the Pats and does Lardarius Webb warrant giving up a first round draft pick?

View: NFL Free Agency Tracker

“No I don’t, I mean I think he’s a good player, but no I don’t think you give up one to get Lardarius Webb. I like Finnegan quite a bit and I think Finnegan brings some thing that you need on your defense. He’s a play maker and he’s feisty.”

Defensive end Mario Williams is also hitting free agency. If the Patriots bring him in how much does it improve the team?

“He changes everything for you.”

They also went on to discuss the Peyton Manning situation. Where does Breer think that Manning will end up?


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