BOSTON (AP) — Evergreen Solar is asking a bankruptcy judge for permission to walk away from its former plant in Devens.

The company, which received tens of millions in state aid before shuttering its facilities last year and moving its manufacturing operations to China, filed the notice in federal bankruptcy court in Delaware on Monday.

Interested parties including MassDevelopment, which helps finance and develop new projects, have until Friday to respond to the filing.

A spokeswoman for MassDevelopment declined comment Tuesday, saying the filing speaks for itself.

Evergreen received more than $20 million in grants and $11 million in tax and lease initiatives from Massachusetts. That doesn’t include other tax benefits and millions in upgrades to roads and utilities around the plant.

Gov. Deval Patrick championed Evergreen Solar early in his first term.

Copyright 2012 The Associated Press.

Comments (3)
  1. decol says:

    How much did the executives walk away with? That will never come forth—
    They should get nothing!!!!

  2. solar cell melt down says:

    Don’t ok anything. Make them pay for all the promises they never kept and all the worker’s whose lives have been uprooted. I suggest the OK fee is to return all the millions in state aid, grants, etc… and checks be written back to the public. Then fine the Governor’s admin for poor oversight. Who gives away $$ like this without strings attached? Only in America…BS

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