BOSTON (CBS) – Almost 75% of taxpayers get refunds. If you’re the average taxpayer your refund check could be around $3,000 this year.

Many taxpayers consider this a windfall from the IRS. It is not a windfall! It is your money. You allowed your employer to withhold too much money last year and you are now getting it back.

The government is hoping you will spend the money to help the economy grow. I know many of you would like to take the money and help the economy grow.

A well-deserved vacation you tell yourself, a shopping trip or flat screen TV! You would like to reward yourself for getting the taxes done and for surviving another winter.

You can easily rationalize spending the refund! Consumer spending accounts for 70% of the economic activity in the U.S. and you want to help by doing your part in supporting the economy.

So what to do with your refund? Well, as you all know, I recommend the practical stuff. Forget the vacation splurge or a trip to Foxwoods if you have credit card debt! The nation’s credit card debt is over $801 billion.

Use those new found dollars to get out of debt! Pay off your credit card debt and take a pledge that you won’t let it get that high again. Look at your cards and pay down the one with the highest interest rate. If you are carrying $3,000 on a card with a 19% interest rate you have just saved yourself $513 in interest charges over the next year.

If the $3,000 doesn’t wipe out the entire debt, consolidate your high interest cards to the card with the lowest rate. Work hard at paying down that debt by making payments each month that are larger than the minimum required. Use your credit cards wisely and once out of debt resolve to pay your credit card bill in full each month.

Credit card companies are finding more ways to nickel and dime you in this economy. Good customers are being penalized by having their interest rate go up or their limit reduced. If you are late with one payment you could see your interest rate bumped up to 29.99%.

Another way to save on interest and to battle debt is to make extra principal payments on your mortgage. Making two extra payments a year can cut a 30-year mortgage down to 20 years, saving you thousands in interest costs. Use your refund as the first step to being debt free.


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