BOSTON (CBS) – Pat Panek has been searching for her dog since the Siberian Husky got loose and ran away back in November. Part of this effort has included the standard “Lost Dog” posters with pictures and a phone number. The town of Acton, however, stalled this effort, as town by-laws can crack down harshly on unauthorized signage. While many business owners would like to help Pat by posting the signs, they say they are worried about the potential $300 a day fine that could accompany them. Do you think the town is right to try to cut down on trash and clutter? Or should she be allowed to post her signs?

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  1. Robert Omark says:

    Even we here at Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida have put up a notice of the missing Siberian Husky, Bridgett, on our web site (, hoping to be of some help. This should be a minor issue for the town of Acton, and we have to wonder why the town is hesitant to accommodate it. Maybe it would behoove Acton to provide a pet lost and found page on its own web site.

    I wonder if the town would be so rigid if it was a missing child instead of a dog. I personally have six rescued Huskies of my own and would go to just about any any length to find one of them were she lost. For families that have dogs, they are an integral part of the family.

    We wish Ms Panek all the luck in finding her lost girl.

    Robert Omark
    Apollo Beach, Florida
    Webmaster, Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida

    1. Pat Panek says:

      Hi Robert … I just now found this page. Thank you so much for posting Bridgett’s information on your website. You never know who knows who, so spreading the word is so vital to her recovery.

      I believe that posters are more visible and to a larger audience than any single website, especially for a small town like Acton. A lot of commuters and shoppers travel through Acton and there is also the commuter rail. Today marks 112 days since she’s been gone, but, at least I have the peace of mind of knowing she is still out there.

      Thank you again!

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