After a quick chat about the NFL salary cap, Felger and Massarotti changed things up and talked about the Boston Bruins and their goaltending situation.

What are the Bruins doing in net? Are the Bruins wearing Tim Thomas out?

How can Claude Julien fix the B’s?

 98.5 The Sports Hub is the only place to hear every game of the Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins 2011-12 NHL season with Dave Goucher and Bob Beers. Pregame coverage begins 30 minutes before the puck drops, with Postgame coverage following each game

  1. paul says:

    Not that it is a big deal, but just a comment about the Bruins, We work away from the US, but do follow the Bruins. The feeling is that you are correct about the team knowing of Thomas’s political leanings. His failure to do the White House thing, while players of four different nationalities (including Tomas Kaberle who fllew in from Carolina) destroyed the cohesivness of the team, and although they are pro’s, the team atmosphere was fractured. We still follow the team, but not with the enthisiasm prior to Thomas’s social suicide.

    Watched Thomas for four years while he was at UVM with Martin St. Louis and Eric Perrin. In retrospect, there were indicators that he was not aligned with the main body of the team ,even when they made the Ncaa final four….I guess this is just real life overlapping into sports….It was interesting that Tuuku Rask played in the Bruins benefit softball games on the northshore, especially since he is from Finland and never played before, and Thomas who lives on the north shore was not present..

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