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BOSTON (CBS) – Being a goaltender that still plays, even at this advanced age, I feel Tuukka Rask’s pain.

About a year ago, I had a groin/abdominal strain which kept me off the ice for 8 weeks, and even while back on the ice, was not right for another several weeks.

Saturday afternoon, Tuukka answered questions for the media on his injury that he suffered in midway through the second period of the loss to the Islanders.

Rask said walking is okay and there’s not much more to talk about. “When it happened I heard a snap in my ab[dominal] and was obviously in a lot of pain. (I’m) happy that I hopefully don’t have to go through surgery.”

Four-to-six weeks is what’s predicted for his recovery, but don’t be surprised if it’s a bit longer.

He’s a butterfly goalie, and when getting back to his feet from the butterfly, he uses just about every muscle in the groin/abdomen area. So, the doctors and Rask will probably want to be sure that everything heals before he returns to the ice and NHL play.

Listen: Tuukka Rask Interview

Right now, Rask is just looking to “stay positive and feed back the energy for the guys and hopefully get them on a roll.”

Amen to that!


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