WATERTOWN (CBS) – If you’re a single lady and find that you have been looking for love in all the wrong places, you may want to try your local florist.

Dave Greenberg owns Watertown’s Main Street Florist and he’s looking for love, true love and he’s willing to pay $1,000 to the person who introduces him to his bride to be.

He describes himself as, in good shape, faithful and very attentive to a woman’s needs.

“At the end of the aisle they can be waiting there and I’ll give them the cash,” says Greenberg. “And they would be the guest of honor at the wedding too.”

As odd as it sounds, Dave is serious about this. He’s even got his own business card and website called MarryDave.com.

“I have a profile I have photos there,” says Greenberg.

So what type of woman is Dave looking for? She should be over 50 does not have to be religious and can be any race because what he’s really looking for is happiness and chemistry.

Dave says he has some issues, he doesn’t fly, and he says he’s not loaded. The bride would have to be willing to retire in San Diego with him.

“I just want to meet a nice lady,” he says. “We have to have chemistry, we have to have physical appeal and I believe in marriage.”

  1. Barney Frank says:

    I’ll have a go with him

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