Fully Loaded Fuel Truck Stolen From Hanson Company

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HANSON (CBS) – The owners of Hanson Fuel Company say someone stolen an entire truck filled with 1,600 gallons of diesel fuel. The fuel is worth about $6,000 plus the cost of the truck, which is worth $80,000.

The theft happened Wednesday night. The owner, Larry London, says the gate was closed and secured with a thick chain and padlock.

The ignition on another truck was tampered with according to police.

London believes the thieves planned to sell it. “They can use it in a vehicle, or they can use it for home heating oil,” he says. “I don’t think they stole it for the truck.”

With heating oil hovering $3.80 a gallon and diesel around $4 a gallon, law enforcement officials expect to see more thefts.

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