BOSTON (CBS) – The masses have spoken, and in Fred Toucher they trust.

News came down on Thursday that Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia was considering joining Twitter. With all of his nicknames, it will be tough for Pedroia to pick just one for his Twitter handle. But the fans have spoken, and they can thank 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Fred Toucher.

On a recent poll by, Toucher’s “Dusty2Sacks” nickname came out on top.

The only problem now, will Pedroia himself go with @Dusty2Sacks?

“He’s never going to use it. He hates it,” Toucher said Friday morning upon hearing his nickname came out on top.

Toucher came up with the nickname late last season, crediting the scrappy Pedroia for his hard-nosed play and leaving nothing out on the field.

“Dusty2Sacks” beat out other fan favorites like “TheOriginalLaserShow,” Pedroia’s famous quote from two years ago, and “TheMuddyChicken,” which was given to him by teammate Josh Beckett last season.

“He has to do the Twitter @Dusty2Sacks or he’s letting down everyone,” said Toucher, who did not prompt listeners or fans to log on and vote for his creation.

“That is great news, thank you,” he told listeners. “That is a nice way to start the day today, I do appreciate it.”


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