WORCESTER (CBS) – A retired Worcester Firefighter has picked up a pretty lucrative new hobby.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Karen Twomey reports.

Carmelo Oquendo never set out to be a great baker, but when he went out to visit a cousin some time ago, he learned a few tricks, and from there, there was no turning back.

“I started using the family as guinea pigs, if you will, and started uploading those cakes onto a website called Cake Central. They saw the cakes, sent the invitation to the TLC program,” said Oquendo.

He later appeared on TLC’s “The Next Great Baker,” where he made it to 5th place.

Oquendo said he’s waiting to hear back from TLC sometime in August about a possible new project.

“The next episode is the week of August 17, and hopefully I get a gig with them. I don’t want to say to much because I’m not supposed to, I’m under contract, but there may be something coming up with TLC,” said Oquendo.

Until then, Oquendo said he will keep making cakes for friends, family and anyone else who wants them.

“On the side I’ve been trying to do cakes when I can, but just doing a lot of appearances is basically what I’ve been doing,” said Oquendo.

Comments (6)
  1. Rob Cleary says:

    His bio when googled says he’s a cop. It also says that He’s only 43. Why is this bum retired at 43. I hope someone is investigating this scam He’s running.

    1. Eric Sonnier says:

      The guys not a bum, he’s worked hard for everything he’s accomplished.

  2. DCrlio says:

    These guys can retire after putting in their 20 years with a full pention, health and dental for them and their wives and increases in pay with current employees. If they are cops they can also do detail work for additional pay. These “Golden Parachute ” pensions.are why towns and city’s have no more money.

  3. mulligan says:

    don’t know where you people get your info., but you might want to get your facts straight before making a comment!. Mello was a police officer and is now retired. What scam??? And, no, they cannot do details after retiring….sheesh!

  4. Diane says:

    What scam are you people talking about?!? First of all he put in his twenty years regardless how old he is, and for the full pensions if you really know your stuff state pensions sometimes you can not colllect it till you have the age to collect..And no once you retire you just can’t work details for the same department maybe get on part time somewhere else but not just for details…This story should have been investigated a little better due to the fact he was a police officer not a firefighter..

  5. Sam says:

    Mello worked as a police officer for 17 years. He was a Worcester Police Gang Unit Officer, he was threatened numerous times by the gang members to include threats made to his family. The gang members even to out a contract against Mello. Mello retired due to stress, he was no bum. He was the first one in and the last one out. he didn’t want to retire but his doctor told him it was for the best.

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