NEW BEDFORD (CBS) – The high winds that caused problems for firefighters in Scituate Thursday, also damaged a gas station in New Bedford.

The gusts were so strong that the canopy at the Sunoco on Durfee Street toppled over.

The canopy just missed a parked car at the pump. No one was injured.

Strong winds were a problem across much of the eastern part of the state with some gusts exceeding 55MPH.

Comments (2)
  1. 1stackmack says:

    lts common sense but a little not,l repeat do not ride along next to a tractor trailer in this wind.if that unit is empty of cargo,it would very easily blow over.especially over a bridge,or a roadway thats not shielded by trees.look at you tube,police dash cams catch them all the careful kids….

  2. Rob Cleary says:

    Now they can put a casino there.

    Stackmack, where are all of these toppled tractor trailers you speak of? This isn’t tornado alley.

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