BOSTON (CBS) – Michael Felger’s feelings on the apocalypse are well-known.

With the strongest solar flares in five years hitting earth on Thursday, the 98.5 The Sports Hub host took some time to give his thoughts on the flares, and what it could mean for “the grid.”

How concerned is Felger?

“It’s a real issue,” he said.

“The entire society is based off the grid, and I don’t think people respect that enough,” said Felger. “In the 1800’s there was a solar storm that experts today say would have knocked out the grid for a year. It happened in the 1850’s, and the reason it wasn’t a big deal is there was no grid in the 1850’s.”

“Now, everything is dependent on the integrity of electricity,” he said. “I don’t think people respect this possibility enough. It’s not that outlandish. One good solar storm knocks out the grid; it happened about 160 years ago. Another one like that, poof, for a year.”

Only time will tell…

Comments (2)
  1. dbus85 says:

    stick to sports

  2. zoltar says:

    people of earth this is your last warning. you will leave all your worldly
    possesions in front of your house next wednesdayfor pick up
    To avoid the next solar sunami

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