NEW BEDFORD (CBS) – An elderly man who basically hasn’t driven in years is now charged in connection with a deadly accident in New Bedford.

Eighty-nine-year-old Edward Cote hit Henriette Dube while she was crossing a street downtown Tuesday afternoon.

Dube, 68, died at a hospital Wednesday.

Police told WBZ-TV Cote’s license expired in 1987 and he never had it renewed.

Cote has not had any motor vehicle violations in the last 25 years, but police say that’s because his wife does the driving.

On Tuesday, his wife went into a store, he went to move their Ford Crown Victoria and he accidentally hit Dube.

Cote is charged with being an unlicensed operator, but more charges are possible.

Comments (2)
  1. Smarter than the Average Bear says:

    How do you re-test elderly drivers when they don’t renew licenses….something more to ponder on the question of testing elderly drivers here in MA

  2. Abe Cohen says:

    Obama will have a drone kill the old terrorist

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