By Lynne Tuohy, Associated Press

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — A New Hampshire man sentenced to prison for hiding evidence and concocting an alibi for machete-wielding home invaders who killed a woman has been granted parole on one charge and will soon start serving time on a second charge.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports

The state parole board decided Thursday that 22-year-old Autumn Savoy merited parole, serving the minimum 2½ years for hindering apprehension.

WBZ-TV’s Lauren Leamanczyk reports

He starts serving another minimum 2½-year-sentence on a related charge on May 14.

Savoy was one of five defendants in the attack and that killed Kimberly Cates of Mont Vernon in 2009.

He admitted helping convicted killers Stephen Spader and Christopher Gribble dump bloody clothing in a river just hours after Cates was hacked to death and 11-year-old Jaimie Cates was maimed.

Cates’ husband, David Cates, testified against the parole.

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Comments (7)
  1. Donovan says:

    Death penalty should be given for every single one of these cold hearted “things” they dont even deserve the decency to be called human beings. What they did will scar that poor girl for the rest of her life. These things should never be able to see the light of day again and sentenced to death asap. I feel so sorry for this family. This inhumane act leaves me speechless these kids seem like they did this as a game . DEATH PENALTY

    1. Elise says:

      I am with you Donovan. The laws in NH have been changed finally but ONLY after the DEVILS AND SATAN themselves made this poor family their victims. These POS’s should die a horrific death, BUT only because of our JUSTICE system they get to get three meals a day, an exercise room, a library. and someone to protect them from street justice. Personally I say bring them to the town of the crime and set the town folk upon them.

  2. fred says:

    He said he had the chance to do the right thing and he didn’t. He should serve his full sentence. He will have a life beginning is his late 20’s. Jamie’s mother will still be dead and that poor girl will always have the horror of that night with her. Those other punks who committed the crime should be put down like the rabid dogs that they are. Maybe they will receive that justice in Prison from an inmate who has a daughter of his own. One can only hope.

    1. Elise says:

      The guards will look away….hopefully while it happens.

  3. thor's hammer says:

    justice was not served here today. i hope he is haunted in his head throughout his life by the screams of the murdered mother, and her daughter. be haunted everytime there’s a birthday in your family when you remember that you helped steal that from the woman murdered. remember as you walk, that the injuries sustained by the young girl make walking painful for her. murder, mayhem, robbery. you never get a seccond chance to make a good impression. hopefully down the road when you are released (and sad day that will be), hopefully all the news outlets in new england remind their viewers exactly what you participated in. may the parole board also be troubled and saddened in their lives. you should be shunned by society for the rest of your miserable life. no justice, no peace

    1. Elise says:

      You forgot….and someone waiting on the outside to finish what the probation department couldn’t.

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