HOOKSETT, NH (CBS) – New Hampshire is spending millions to get drivers to move faster through tolls.

Open road tolling allows people with EZ Pass and Fast Lane transponders to zip through without slowing down. Anyone who has driven on I-95 through Hampton on a summer weekend has probably noticed the difference.

Because of the rave reviews, the New Hampshire DOT is going ahead with the project for its second busiest toll booth in Hooksett. Construction will start on the I-93 project this spring.

The state says it will save driver’s gas and improve safety.

Every time a car slows down they have to hit the gas to get back up to speed. That burns fuel and officials say this open road tolling will save 465,000 gallons of gas every year.

But convenience isn’t cheap. The Hooksett Plaza alone will cost $23 million.

The DOT insists the money comes from savings, not from new fees. They say Hooksett is just the beginning. It may take years, but eventually they’d like to upgrade every toll plaza in the state.

  1. 1stackmack says:

    lf the toll highway isn’t going away,and there most likely not.this is the way to go.remember the major tie up a few years ago at 128 and the masspike after a long weekend.or even rush hour.the traffic would be drastically reduced if we had it.now the hookset plaza isn’t that busy but just the fuel savings alone would be a plus.the north bound side after the plaza has a long upward grade.a loaded 80,000 lbs truck wouldn’t get into the top gear ( 10,or 18 speed) untill your passed the peterbilt dealer in bow nh,a 1 mile & 1/2 away.thats at least a couple of gallons of diesel.so l’m for it here to..

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